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Racer JA

Is that where you volunteered for 2 years there?

Dawn Leatherlandhunt

No Babra no can’t take the news

Paul Knight

Classic Hotpoint dishwasher! Wouldn't mind having it myself given the room. I also liked that Zanussi Jetsystem machine. Also noticed what looked like a Panasonic vacuum in white similar to mine , though mine is black 2000w. Always enjoy these BHF uploads, thanks 🙂

washing central

Brandon I now have 5 washing machines in my collection

washing central

The newest that I picked up today is a wm14 the bearings are shot there is a huge dent in the side and the front trim on the top panel has come off

Bob Surrey

I think that hotpoint dishwasher would of been made by Bosch as Bosch made dishwashers for hotpoint right up until mid 2002 with the end of the DWF 30 and 33 range which were the same machine but the 33 is a later model and the very last Bosch made machine for hotpoint.

Samsung boy 2008

I'm VERY ANNOYED ABOUT THE HOTPOINT but your washers so I don't care

Roger Lorente

The Hotpoint 9530 is unfixable? 😔😭😪

Wm 250

Good video sounds like a lot is going on haha!

LeonFan 27

Wow that zanussi jetsystem brings back memories! That is my childhood machine (well, we had the slightly later 1000rpm model). In my opinion, although slightly biased, one of the best zanussis ever made!


You got a very good channel.keep up the good work!

Reece isaaks

Amazing video it was awesome that’s definitely a like from me if I could I would love to own a old machine I would love a wm63 they are the best you should have a look on gumtree they sometimes have old washing machines I’ve seen a hotpoint wd61 on there for £20 in Norfolk that’s a good machine keep up the amazing work

Abdelkader Elbachir

You really do care about washing machines don't you,well at least now I know that you are not ready to die for one
anyway l really like your pink teddy bear I think it's cool

Washer Man S Dream Appliances UK 26 1990

Where is this place?

Steven Keatley

If you can please get that hotpoint as it would be great to see it back in action

Chris King

I’m glad your getting sorted out! Can’t wait to see the new 9530, try do a video so we get a quick first look at it see how clean it is etc. I personally would have purchased the wm34 that looks like a decent machine and I’d have it if I didn’t already have my WM23.


The WM34’s have the hidden Silk 30 programme — which my WM31 had! Position it evenly between acrylics 40 and quick wash!
Also WM34 doesn’t have mains light, whereas WM31 did have this!

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Oh well, here begins a new era, bye bye Barbra gonna miss that lovely machine