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Jana Krutzig

This was SUPER helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this video.


I thought it was a sad alien face before i saw it was a paw print

Chris E

Love the occupations — HA! A 13 yr old guard dog with a chihuahua assist!😄

Danni Palmer

I just wanna know why Elle's nickname is Meg lol


I like that there was a control group!

Stivo V

Man this is PSA for the real struggles of owning animals with fur lol

Makenzie Homan

This is amazing!!! My family uses it all the time and it doesn’t get everything but it gets as much as it can before it’s no longer sticky because it has collected so much. Also my family throws them both in every time. They pick up Human hair too!


The real question... WHAT THE HELL are your dryer and washer to be so effective. Mine removes NOTHING.

Karina Maksimova

Wow he was really trying to milk the 10 mins out of this reviewing this product...waste of my time :/


Could you do a review on the floating Pet fur catcher? Since this one didn't work that well.
There isn't one YouTube review on this product so you could be the first

Kimberly Langford

Whyyyy is your golden 90 pounds?? Jesus! 😂

Edgar Elenes

I think this might as well be a review for your washing machine. Now I want one of those.


Daisy is sooooo sweet. I love old dogs.

Nott Available

Thanks for the review!! Good to know that this may not be as helpful as I hoped.

M. Gonz

Brush your dog's more oftem to lessen their shedding.

Asher Lopez Sioson

I like Bailey is hugging you its cuute

Mark Williams

As energy costs rise... I would have like to see the product work with out using a dryer!
I have a 2 in 1 system that does not use pure heated fan to dry... so washing is the most important system I use... and sun to dry
seems this product does not work with out using the older versions of hot fan dryers!

Thumbs up tho on your vid... very entertaining 👍🏼

Jennifer Nguyen

What brand of washer and dryer do you have?

Steve Bazowsky

Try that basket thing that's supposed to take hair out in the washing machine