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TJ Larson
1) I put 6'' or 8" pieces reinforced-hose with clamps, at intervals in my ½- inch blue pipes, to make it easy to take apart and replace valves and other items. It looks "Mickey-Moused" but it WORKS! YOU WILL need to take things apart from time to time, so might as well make it easy on yourself. Gravity fed water won't leak around these simple clamped joints. 2) Our toilet-supply line has a built-in micro-screen on the last "O" ring coupler , which plugs up and is a real pain in the @$$ to reach under and take apart to… Read more »
lawrence beeler

Well i dont appreciate the okie repairs when in rome do as the romans do

Mike Akullian

God bless I shut off both hot and cold water faucets after every washing machine use that way you don't have to worry about it leaking

Michael Birdzell

Maybe putting a pre-filter would help a lot. Something you could get to easy and save you all this trouble...

HRH Consultants

Great washer that model is maid in Thailand. I use the same model in my main house. Might want to put an in-line filter setup.


Brian, try to buy a pre-filter that you can install between the pipe and the washing machine, then there shouldn't be anything caught in the washing machine filter, and you will be able easily clean the pre-filter instead.

DJ Raiders

Lots of Tornados in NE Oklahoma and all lakes Dams are over Full ready to Bust.

Roger Garnham

At least wasn't a 3 day job. At least made a break from the pig pens.
Maricel rules O. K
Don't want to cross a a mountain girl!!
Thought the new shelving unit in the kitchen would be next!! Lol


You may have to put a cup or two of chlorine bleach into the holding tank once a month the way they have to do in Hawaii for their catchment systems. Seem's like you are in need fo a couple rolls of duct tape around there too. Since the plumber's tape is no good around there, you could always wrap a little duct tape on the outside to seal it.

jeffery wise

Waxed thread instead of the good white teflon tape. Use a candle and raid Maricels sewing basket. But don't let her catch you in her things!!! Remember her motto is beatings first ask questions later.

Larry Wilson

I added a filter inline before that one. One that is a lot easier to clean and I put some bleach in my tank to keep algae down too. Just half a cup once a week should do it and you can't tell it was added shortly after.

Kriss Bartlett

i think you need new tap for that also put the white tape around the connection pretty rough letting it drip sort of good job im a bit fussy with my conections i use Australian taps there i bring them as i need them i even have one brass one you call taps faucets

Florica Ciprian

good climate for MANGO there BRIAN ,,,,,,,after a little factories JAM mango -idea bussines

Florica Ciprian

all time use tree-plants what adapt at climate ......cocos or banana can not transform into good jem but MANGO yes . Orchard MANGO for not keep land not profit

Judi Fisher

Another chore crossed off the honey-do list — it must be very nice to know that between you and Tatay, you can get anything done with (mostly) minimal effort. No need to call the repair-man with you two around.

Donnie Porter

To bad u cant pre filter the wash machine

Elma Soriano

Tatay is Jack of all trade. Lucky Maricel


I was just looking at at sediment filters at Lowe's about an hour ago. We're headed back to our mango farm in Luzon this weekend. And thought about adding one to our well system

Ron Johnson

Put a trap like you have under the sink on the incoming supply this will catch the crap before it reaches the washing machine.

Robbie Ragsdale

Put a lid on your water tower so light stays out and add a little chlorine to it