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David F

See if you can get a Zanussi ZFL 1023, with "spinwash".


That motor doesn’t sound too bad at all to be honest with you. It will take a bit of time for the grease to get to work properly. And lest we forget, this machine at least 30+ years old. Of course there is no harm in having a spare motor just in case.

Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков
Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков


Miles Horsfall

I hate the level of suds that most modern detergents make. There always seems to be some left at the end of the wash. Many years back automatic powder barely had any suds at all. I now use a detergent called SMOL. It’s posted to you each month and in a hard water area a couple of liquid capsules does a good job. Driving the tube in London our uniforms get very grimy but SMOL seems to lift the muck out quite well and the water is clear on the final rinse. ( Morrisons own fabric softener )

Thomas Webster

Great new hotpoint Brandon! motor doesn't sound too bad and she has got loads of character! by far this is your best video yet!😁 And great intro!


Nothing wrong with that motor, sounds sweet as!

HotpointHooverServis Washers, Reviews and more

it's nice to see another 95 on the channel Brandon! (BTW Iv'e renamed my YT From Hotpoint2005 just to clear up any confusion)

Dawn Leatherlandhunt

So you mean barbra is going away for s bit then coming back to you


What is the difference between the 9530 and the 9530w?

Steph L

Another nice machine, I like these hotpoints as my nan had one similar in the 80s/90s

Craig Morrison

Great machine i think the motor sounds fine. You can get a descaler from Savers. Its from the Astonish range. Its £1.99 for a 1L a bottle. I got it when i aquired my 1993 Whirlpool and it cleaned her out brilliantly as it was a badly maintained machine i was pleasantly suprised by the results. Youll need 3 bottles in the wash maybe 4 if the limescale is really bad. Youll get loads of little chips of limescale fliating up to the top of the water.


WOW! That definitely has more torque and the interlock is so much louder! And the motor doesn’t sound no where near as bad as it did but will need replacing as you plan to do, I really enjoyed this and I will have fun temporarily owning the 9530A!

Toji George

That motor is completely fine! Infact it sounds even better than Barbara's motor!! At least "Shirley" here will fill in the void for "Barbara" until she is fully repaired!! I can't wait to see more videos of a 9530 in action, albeit not the original 9530 but hey ho it's still a 9530!!!!

Samsung boy 2008

Watch your intro at double speed it's brilliant

Tom Wheat-Moles

Will you be able to at some point do both hotpoints together??

Haydn Jopson

I wish you could get both Hotpoint washing machine working that would be lovely

Chris King

I’ve just had my WM23 in for a couple of weeks but since watching this my 9513 is streight back in! 😂 brilliant machine sounds really well too considering what you were saying! My mum and dad had this machine when I was a baby and Yong child and like you it scared me to death sometimes!!

Chris Balanda

Cherish this very good machine give you years of use

Chris Balanda

Door seal look tired if dosent leak be fine

paula o'brien

can you do a vid of repairing the 9530w