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LaundryKid 2006

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Eren Nalcıoğlu

Hi there. Could you tell me about the Intensive option does what in the programmes? Temperature hold throughout the wash I guess?

Nik The Greek

90 degrees???? 😱😱😱😱 what clothes are you wash at 90 degrees. I never have wash something in 90 degrees. By the way the Miele softener are good?

Fabio Volpi

2 risciacqui sono troppi pochi! ... peccato che questi modelli non arrivano a 95 gradi!

Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков
Стиральная машина вирпол или тест порошков


Howard Daley

Hi. You need 3 spulen for the koche wasch cycle, just old school.

Giorgio Gallo

Hi, great video as usual. Are you using both twin dos and miele ultrawhite at the same time?