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Toji George

Finally we see Joshs supertronic in action on a wash cycle!!! Ohh and that prank you 2 pulled while you were there Brandon, Cheeky 😂😂😂😤😤😤😆😈😈

Washerlad 2014

so glad you two had a fun time together!! cant wait for more!! and boy does this machine have character!


I’m glad you had an amazing time mate!! And I can’t wait to meet you again to yours! and I will finally see the a3060 working! 😂

Met Product33061

If there is any refurbished washing machines

Racer JA

Miele and Bosch are my favourite make of washing machines very good quality as well Shame that washerlad 2014’s miele is out of action as the moment do you have any idea about the problem he has on it yet Brandon?

Washer Guy 2002

I'm so happy you two had a great time! I love how theres finally a vid of this beauty! This is ever so quiet


What an incredible machine! Really enjoyed this video seems u had a great time and enjoyed it just as I did! 1600rpm on a miele is pretty damn powerful too!

Howard Daley

Hi Florence. Why would Miele discontinue this model, the only machine that came close to this was the AEG Lavalogic. These two manufacturers know thier shit.


Glad you had a really fun time! That Miele is a beauty 😍

Hotpoint Lover
Hi Brandon Just To Say You Cut The Video At 35:42 So Because Basically Brandon I Never See You Over Superwasherkid2002 Place But And I Didn’t Know That You Filmed The Miele Supertronic For The First Time I Quite Like But I Wish That You Came Over My Place Just To Do Mine Washing For Me Brandon Because I Live In Penryn Cornwall So I Is 35a Chy An Pras South View Penryn TR108EA Which I Think Is 5 Hours Jounery From Your Place To My Place Which You Will Be Able To Come For Sleep Over But I’m Thoughtfully… Read more »
Thomas Webster

Amazing video this is my favourite miele they're worth a lot though but keep up the good work. This does remind me of a merloni sevis.😁