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From a time Bosch/Siemens were nearly on the same level as Miele, great machine WW!


Hi, do washers without drums like a Honeycomb drum like the usual ones with the holes in it make clothes old faster? Things like pilling and stuff like that`?

Никола Колев

I have this washer on my village

Ignas V.

The Bosch hydrosensor WFP3300 is like a queen of all Bosch machines

Tolga Turhan

Has it a brushed or brushless motor? I can't hear any carbon brushes


One of the best Bosch’s ever made

Laundry Girl2019

I love you whichwasher2007 but I love your washing machines. also. sharing our machines bosch 🙂 what happened to drum?

Washerlad 2014

i have the exact same machine and it too is one of the best washers ive owned!! Its quality can literally give a Miele a run for its money!!