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Alex Brailsford

great video! if you ever decide to wash in this again it would be cool to test it. maybe how well the quick or super quick cycle can wash


Oooooo I never expected to see this amazing machine I do like asko myself hopefully the issues can be sorted 🙂


mine goes form 800 to 1200 and then to 1400 but not 1600. 1400 rpm max


31:04 it may look unbalanced but when it goes faster the Quattro suspension design will stabilize the drum


did you know that lg,s with the direct drive motor can spin either way left or right. mine only does left way spin

Steven Keatley

The squeaking seems like it could just be the belt having it not been used for a while but I think it'll go over time when it's used

Abdelkader Elbachir

But but in your last video about the casatta when I told you that asko is my favorite you told me that this channel is for Hotpoint lovers and that I'm not welcome in here I don't know what to think now you liar ヽ(`⌒´)ノ
I'm I still preferring the 2000 RPM model but 1600 RPM is okay I guess


Love the look of the new ones, I'd get one imported if I could

Sammy TheSeal

Don't you have a sack truck/trolley? Only about £20 and would definitely save your back when shifting around washing machines! (Especially the Miele :P)

HotpointHooverServis Washers, Reviews and more

Bloody hell i was not expecting that!, gonna watch the rest now but wowee lovely! shame about what happened, If i Had the money and the room i would try to save it but she will either have to go to scrap (Hopefully not) or someone else will have to save her, Chris maybe?

Hotpoint Lover

To Be Fair Brandon This Machine Here Almost Acts Like A Bosch Classixx 6 Machine When That Spin Like That When It Goes Slower And Faster To Spin


Well. Nice machine! And now tell me: Do u finally see the reason, why i am washing all my white towels separatelly? :DDD

Washerfan 53

Never imagined Asko in your kitchen. 😀

Pudgie Bear

At last! We find out what it is! Very nice! I’m looking forward to the rest of the video to see how it operates!

Ive Made A Video

Interesting machine (and nice one btw) Thought for a split second it was a Hoover Keymatic when you did the reveal 😂

Thomas Webster

Your my fave Youtuber God I never thought it would be a asko! Great video how has she got on not on video?😁


The washer i have does 1900 rpm its an HE 4t Kenmore its a great washer it has been with us for 14 years


I’ve seemed to have faded off washing machines recently, I need to catch up with your videos! This was totally unexpected!
I’m not familiar with Asko!

Yvonne O Brien

Hi florence ballard a3060 my name is Eoghan my mom name is Yvonne o Brien back to me I am 10 years old and I have my own washing machine I love your washing machines i must ask you a question if I washed a towel wash on a bocsh vario perfect wap28378gb what cycle would you pick

Ilove Servis

OMG radiant powder, i have some in the garage lovely smell

Roger Pettersson

I think you should name her Svea as she comes from Sweden 🙂
You should always use the sensors in mode "on" as they give you the best wash as in water, energy and time consume.

Met Product33061

Now you have five girls instead of four

Martin Gustafsson
cool to see an swedish brand. they are also named Cylinda here in sweden but, are marketed as asko outside of sweden. they recived tons of bad critique here, due to bearings wearing out too fast, plus long cycle times and despite being on super rinse not useing enough water and getting powder out of clothes, ive had a few of the cylinda /asko models over the years and i find them noisy during spin, and just okey preformance wise. 10 years ago 25% of swedes had these maschines but their bad rep has crushed them so hard cylinda is… Read more »
Yvonne O Brien

Where did you get the machine and I am such a fan of you

Met Product33061

Any wash races upcoming with this new machine