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The toilet also serves as a bowl for dogs

Ebony Man

I use the barrel of my .44 magnum to clean the wax out of my ear. When I pull the trigger, the bullet automatically cleans the wax out of my other ear. Unfortunately, I was only able to do this one time.

Danny Di Giacomo

What a great way to end the video for kids.

left is the hand of satan

more like 15 things factnomenal doesn't know the purpose of. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT

Matt Wynnyk

#9 I been doing that for the last 8 years of my job


I'm fascinated by the hole in the top of the soda can. What a "duh" moment!!!

Bruklyn A

Seriously how can u hold feminine hygiene products in place with the panty gusset?

Ingrid Mulder

Here in Europe ( the euro) the change money also has those ridges. Every coin ( the 2 euro, the 1 euro the 50 cents the 20 cents the 10 cents) have it. But here they do it so blind people know which coin the have in their hand so they don't give the wrong one. The paper money is also different. The sizes are different so a blind person knows which paper money the have in their hand.

Cheese Face

Every single person knew about the straw holder before these types of vids came out

Rebecca Miller

It has some cool facts but all of the “second uses” stuff where you unfold/use it different didn’t show us how to do it. Super unhelpful tbh.


8:29 that’s in sooo many life hack videos. If you don’t know that then sorry but you’re living under a rock.

Tony Girard

There's a hole in the tab on beer cans but I sure don't use a straw to drink beer! LOL!


No. Serrated edge coins was too for visually impaired people to be able to feel to recognise what coin they were holding.

César Rabbit

I think the comment about nickles was in jest for lack of actual explanation.

César Rabbit

It's hilarious the narrator thinks the forgotten use of a shopping cart feature is sad. How is that "sad"?

Jimmy world

The hole in pen caps is NOT to prevent suffocation. It allows air to escape when you put the cap on so it doesnt pop back off.

Elijah john

The pom pom didnt make them "subconsciously duck" it protected there head from hitting the ceiling moron lol