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Svetlana Tupchik

Я не могу найти в интернете и не знаю, но и не только на первый раз в неделю, на что способен на. Я не хочу тебя увидеть его в качестве примера можно будет купить. Домашний телефон и адрес доставки. Я не могу. А. Ну а если нет то есть я могу сказать что.

Itsfunneh Fanforever

Who is watching and not doing it ( don’t like if you want)

Sam Tayar

I love everything that you make im six years old 😀

Bella Sadeddin

She said those cork shoes were supposed to be confortable? This is exacts why i dont watch troom troom.

Like if u agree


Chioma Ugwuanyi

I love your videos and why do you have a Band-aid on your hand?

Leader Dogetty

Do you know how stupid dolls are there way worse then 95% of everything else in the world as I said Barbiesdolls are super stupid oh ya there is no type of dolls that I like not even 1 type.

Vivie Vids

It’s for sure a really smart idea to pour thumb tacks and other sharp objects onto your hand! 😂

Annarosa Delacruz

I think you should guys try something new

Falguni Mutsuddi


Falguni Mutsuddi


Wiedya Paramita

Hello? I'm showing it to my litle sibling. Plis clear my screen. The show is for my little siblign

Kennedy DeVormer

These videos are boring 😠😡😠😡

It's meh Crystal_blue

Her: oh no Barbie got hurt where is the aid kit
Me: how if there no blood or a scratch

Norma Veliz

Re fome no se entiende nada es inglés no se ba antender


Not every fashionable woman needs a hair straightener. And the clicker in the pen.

shankarlal bishnoi

Hit a like if u love playing with Barbies honesty, I love playing with Barbies likey likes 👍👍

shankarlal bishnoi

Troom Troom's doll hacks are the best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sweet n Spicy 101

Who else watches video after video thinking I’ll just watch one more then I’ll make something and you never do

zd and mikey! lemole

My granda had the same extact clock