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kuburat odofin

Wow I didn't know that Lulu hair is that long


I remember getting a haircut and I didn’t want to! XD

Camila Rendon

I love your videos so much I want to see you in real life ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖

Ashly Menard

I love getting my hair done! My Mom is a hairdresser, so she's the one who usually does my hair.

Olivia Mosley

The hairstyles are adorable ❤️💇🏾‍♀️

Vicente Jaimes

So much fun wish you can do her hair my doll
Lo ve you your the best


Can you Do a QNA P.S. love your Channel 😄😄😄😄😄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Cort Talbott

I wish it was raining where I live but it's not,it's really hot where I live.I love watching the rain.💕

Annabella gamer girl E

I love Lulu Hailey Anna Nikki and Emma

Hadia Mohmmed

Hi 👋 I 💜🧡💗💕💙 you’re Chanel!

Bennie Sowell

Can you do more videos with Anna like morning routines

Alynn Dollhouse

Wow! Two dollars💵 for that deluxe treatment, what a deal😀

Alynn Dollhouse

Love Hailey's outfit💕🎀 The pink nail-polish looks great💘

Nicklas nicklas


runee may

my hair is almost long and I need a haircut 💇 too , I love 💕 if I getting a haircut 💇 always love 💕 the gummy channel
I want to give you a 💝

Aaliyah Rivera

Hi gummy channel I like lulu hair and Emma’s hair and drake hair.

Jenna B

Pls do this in the next video take Sara to a Solon party

Jaslan Sidek

Can you made baby alives slime party please