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Iya Sebastian

Guess Im not the first haha but god bless💗😍


Dang I remember the good old days when I watched you all day I don't know why your not popular still

Hayden the Toyologist

Can you please do more videos of toys with that "ice cream truck" sound?

Chris Miralles

Interesting video sweet looks like lots of fun and exciting surprises amazing enjoy the video lots of love and abundance blessings

Kids Dream Toys

Warriors 💪 🌈 🏰
Back 2 basics 🔢🔤🏫

Wako Doodle

Imagine having your favourite toy inside one of those boxes against a friend doing the same and someone announcing the fight.

The boxes are set, the arena is ready and as they each are introduced, one of them raises from their box like a podium of grandure! Best entrance to a toy ever!

Lucky Penny Shop

Like a slow rise donut, these Boxed Warriors make a special rise into the video booth today! Butch and I appreciate you stopping by.

coaster thrills

You you are the best you inspired me to make my own YouTube channle please can you subscribe to boost my career you dont have to


Very cool gimmic indeed. Bonus points for reusable box!

Fetch me a Storm

LPS-Dave: Who do we have on first look there, Butch? Name them all!"
Butch: "Well, looks like 'Wolfie'..."
LPS-Dave: "Okay, 'Wolfie' is called Mr. Fluffikins..."
Butch (laughing): "...I wouldn't have guessed that!"
These toys actually look really cool, I think I would've really liked to get one when I was a kid.
Such a good video, you two NEVER EVER fail to make me laugh 😂! Thank you so much 😊🙏🏾💖