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Kaitlynne Mardel

your boyfriends reaction to the hungry hippo joke got me :')

Katie Marie

I recognised your boyfriends voice then realised that he sounds a bit like Korg from Thor : Ragnorok

Korona Extra

Hey Soph... just wondering where is your jumper from 💚💛❤

Sarah Louise Booth

I think I'm in a minority because I like eating celery! — my doctor told my mum it would help with my psoriasis so I ate it alot as a child... I think I just got used to eating it!
Ps your boyfriends face when you made the hungry hippo joke was class! 😂 x


Celery is the food version of sparkling water. Absolutely rancid.

Abigail Porter
Great video Soph hun and James! Thank you for the chuckles, certainly had me lol, my hubby thought it was funny too. Soph there are so many similarities between you and my hubby ( in a nice way! ) Hubby has that hand condition ( not confirmed but dead cert it's the same) you both have blue eye's , you both hate celery and super spicy food, if we get a curry, his is always a Korma, isn't that funny!! Although he has also recently tried a couple more spicy things recently too, butter chicken was one of them, it's… Read more »

can you do your boyfriends makeup as a video idea since its his channel? :')


you are both so cute and happy. kisses from Poland:)

Hollie_ Fraser

You two are so cute omg I can’t I want a boyfriend now 😂 #questionoftheday do you think you two will get married?

stephanie yasmine

how can u not like vietnamese food ohmygoooood

brooke funnell

I can’t believe you didn’t know what a happy hippo is!!!

Jessica Emily Martin

So cute relationship😍😍😍


It warms my heart how happy u two are 😭😭❤️❤️love it

Nayyab A

you look so happy!! love you soph!❤️❤️