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Joseph Tam

they don't make it because they make more money selling you multiple parts vs. one that is optimized for the usage

Peter Peterson

This could cause issues as I I guess you could wrongly assume it commoned them all!

philip rogers

I've been waiting for Wago to make one of these for years. At last someone else has done it. I will be ordering loads of them.


When I was rewiring my house, I decided to use Wago and this thing above is the first obvious thing in their line I missed. I mean, come on, that's the best thing for terminating lighting fixtures wires. With the Wago line, you have to use 3 2-wire pieces...


Well down the drain with another startup idea of mine...


If you took two standard 3-way Wagos, superglued them back to back, and lined them up against this, how would you know if it was through-through or common bus both sides? I agree a product like this is really useful — replacing those old terminal connectors we know from day dot — but really? The fact you had to check how the terminals were connected to begin with should be a massive clue that it's confusing as hell.

Vax Buster

pronounced "VAGO" they are german... never trusted these, just use a screw terminal instead.

Edgars K

looks like nobody think, what could happen when this connector starts to melt? it will connect to each other — Boom, fire. Maybe that's why Wago won't make this, only 1 line connectors

Steven S

Wago do the 862 for multipole straight through. Different form factor though. Quite handy for the flex in to a street lamp cough


Next idea: fuze these and the originals together
Have 3 times 2 commons leading to 3 times 2 commons

Per Mejdal Rasmussen

If you look at the same seller, he also has a 8 pin version of the standard WAGO terminal block:


That clone is actually kinda useful, but still a clone tho

aaa aa

You've now absorbed some vocal mannerisms from AvE.

Good vid Big Clive! Thanks!


I found ones with DIN mounting back, very useful


@bigclivedotcom what is the "megger" reading between the lines??


yo i was searching my ass off in the home improvement store for something like this and all the staff could tell me was "well apparently we don't have them" — thanks, good to know that this wasn't even really a thing before. i hate the screw-in ones with a passion; need a third hand to use those properly.

James Chua
if wago product is originally manufactured in china. then it is highly possible that the clone came from the original manufacturing facility. you need to understand that those who "have an idea" and wanted it to be manufactured in no time doesn't really need to own a manufacturing facility. I mean yes you can start your own manufacturing but it takes a lot of money and effort not to mention the risk of not being profitable. so when you go to china you will need someone who knows a lot on manufacturing industry. the plastic molding will be done on… Read more »
herauthon four

I got those 5point connectors — very nice indeed — and the 2×3 is really interesting...


An area where these can be useful is in low voltage connectors (say 12V or 24V) that may need regular changes or be located in difficult to access areas.
For example Pond Pump connections. Because every few months these blasted devices have to be stripped down and cleaned out or even replaced (they are a pain). But what would be really good is a waterproof solution. Any ideas?


"hydroponics lights... in an enclosure or something like that"
Uh huh... so perfect for cultivating herbs indoors... for example...

Meme Connect

Why should Wago sell a clone of their own product if they can get the original 😛