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Why are they mixing n repeating scenes of ep1 in ep2

Ariana Chong

With understanding and co-operation from family members, things can work out well even if the income isn't all that high.

Beck Ho

so actually it's a wonderful thing to be single nowadays?

Leeroy Jenkins

Joel is behaving an irresponsible man child. His wife has been super patient with him.


Hope they all find the way ... better in life ... .

Anita Rai-Tiwari

Friendless and Daughter-in-lawless 😂, the 🇮🇳 guy’s dad is hilarious.

dThor Riven

$35k is cheap
Get a loan for $1 million bucks
It’s good

Sowmya Shivaram

No Indian family is talking about wedding every waking minute, it’s a bit exaggerated here

Jinxian Wu

Life is hard. But hope we all can find our way through the difficulties

Tino ricky zagor

The more pressure to get married the more turn off become the idea of marriage!!! There is nothing glamorous about getting married and having children these days!! This family will do well to give their son a break!!

Kuchi Kopi

Makes $2k has a mortgage of $6k, sounds legit...


I understand that Niraj's family means well but its so ANNOYING, my goodness. Why can't they leave him alone. When he's ready to marry he will marry.

Joi Ng

I will move out or find another job in another country if my parents tried to pressure me to get married.

Janlyr Liu

Oh so that’s his stepmom. Looks like they have a loving relationship!

Grace Tan


Mrs Din

Hana is cute, she is outgoing,
When she was being asking about buying product in ep. 1 her expression cute and keep quite because she know she was wrong.

Neky Kamarudin

Unbelievable... the most well off financially stable middle class family is from India... the rest are struggling really bad not because they are from advanced countries, coz they are very bad in spending.