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Manoj Ghimire

they should have given coke to cops too.

wolfpack456 fan

Hey guys welcome back to best trends and another episode of putting a video in your recommendations more than 3 years old!

Job Chithalan

wasting police time. so childish. Grow up!

The1 AndOnlyChavez


Is that cowboy nipseys former store manager

Jane Feeney

People pay taxes. Taxes pay police salaries. I'm sure the police had better things to do.

lilgucci rolex

Lmao if you did not dress like drug dealers people would not have called the police😂

Zachary Miller

The one cop said: “These guys are genius” 😂

Mammu Kutti

If u did this prank in India i bet that you guys never ever going to witness another day

Aaron 572

He missed the opportunity to say sand is rough and it gets everywhere and frankly I'm very disappointed

David Feliz

i swear i can rewatch tis video 100x and it will still be funny

Mc k gaming

Some one want coke i sell coke every sunday, you know coca cola

_xAlexax_ Gaming

Here in UK I chill in my car smoking a cigarette or listening music or just on the phone, but no officer comes to me to ask why are you chilling in your car?

yusuf Misbah

Well. The coke cans were filled with coke?
Edit: Just like the comment lol.

Hannah Conroy

The cop on the right side looked Chinese xd

Santiago Castañeda

YouTube recommended this to a lot of people 3 years later


Legend has it, this is still in people's recommendation.

Omae wa Mou Shindeiru

I like how the cop was like
"These guys are genius" 😂

winner winner Butter chicken diner

Ehm let me see how to get likes so i can show my freind

'wATh iF THeRe wAs CoKe iN thE caNs'