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Gayeh Htoo

Who always watches diy videos but never dose it

Ange Michelle Antoine

I love the way you used your creativity.

Sarai Roman

Wow so much steps but wowww I’m so surprised 😮

A really good username.

how are u so creative! oh my goodness! keep doing what ur doing, ur amazing! ♥️

Alli Penge

Can you make an amusement park? Or just one rollercoaster


How about you use hot glue between the tubes and then putting the table cloth thing on top so that there aren’t any leaks?

Merp I'magamer

😂 just before this I got an add for an inflatable pool and a water slide 😂

Alizae Marie

I've never disliked one of her videos more than this one 🙁


Who has time for this like if you just watch this for fun

Cameron Faith

I remember always trying to do these when I was 10 years old 😂

oxOX Tal Mines XOxo

6:10 CLEAORR CLEAOR (anyone else get the tiktok refrence?)

ciesha and shania show ciesha and shania show

You can use hot glue to make I water proof

Stacey Lochrin

Can I pls have shoutout next video pls pls pls pls pls pls plsssss

Bobby Taylor

WHEN will you do more of the Creating doll familys

LaToya James

I love my froggy stuff it's my fav YouTube show. I wish I could met her someday. Keep up the great work🐸

Rachel Gainer

this is so cute! now you should do a vid where Sophie and cloe volunteer at a day care and the take the to the water slide! that would be so cute I would love to see that1 like if you agree!

Caitlyn 2.00000000

94° is nothing here in Texas every day in this winter it’s literally like 75 on our coldest day lol