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Evelyn Brechting

I’m so excited for your Hawaii vlogs! I’m going in a couple weeks and it’s getting me excited to go

Shamyah Nolan

That is disgusting how dirty your room is how do you sleep in that 🤨🤔😕

Sherry Persaud

I love your energy omg <3 ALSO, my dream vacation is Hawaii with my boyfriend!

Aussie Cleaning Mamma

Thank you for the much needed motivation! Love from a small youtuber ❤❤❤

Claudia Gray

That’s outfit is sooo cute and perfect for the 4th!!

Kara Churchill

Is it me or does everyone think of Adelaine when you clean your room??


When is there a restock? For the black hoodie ?

lily canjar

not gonna lie i love these kind of videos 🙃💓💓💓


Adelaine’s video inspired me to make a clean with me video too!

If anyone wants to check it out, you’d really be helping a girl out 😂


i think your hair would look so much healthier if you went a bit darker like brunette! and the roots would look better

Adelaines Camera Roll


Patty De Bruijn

Maybe you could do a video on your main channel about books that you have read. You are talking about books in your vlogs but maybe a recommendations video?

Valeria Palacios

Adelaines cleaning vlogs are my favs for some reason

Isabella Martino

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Nurse _Camille

Mine probably gonna be super messy when I start packing for my apartment! Imma try to film mine 😁❤️

Kandyce V

We fully support you and just want you to be happy. Love the 6 o’clock idea😘👑👑

Amelia Musto

Omg!! This is going to sound weird but when I grow up I want to be like Adeline. And I adore her soooo much, Adeline if you can reply to this that would be amazing, even if you are just saying hi!

Anniston Kirkland

Wasn’t she on me Kate? Let me know