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James Y

According to Wikipedia, triops have a life expectancy of about 90 days for adults. Anyways, RIP little triop.

Nathan games7

Omg i didn’t know you you would make another video since 2014 i was watching your old vids about them

Major Mo

Rest well little guys, swim forever in fish heaven x was so interesting and fun to see you grow from eggs to adults. Really sad when any creature dies x you did a great job looking after the little fellas LPS Dave

Vanjie x3

Dear sweet Triops . You lived a good life, always lived by the motto “just keep swimming”. Now shall you forever swim in fishy heaven with your brethren. Goodbye old friend. 🕊🎏🙏 amen.

Bailey Brian

awww poor little triop. they are so cute! they are like horseshoe crabs, but only if they weren't terrifying

Kermit The Frog

Hey Dave Sans This is Kermit the frog watching this

Ruby Gemex

No matter what, you still have your friend Butch. Triops will always be there for you, inside your heart, even when he passed away.


Change your profile picture to your triops


It is the circle of life. They are able to live that long because of how well they were taken care of. I believe that Triops have short life spin. They may have rech old age then thank to you. That may be rare in tier spices.

Meg Spitzer

Rest in Peace, little fella. Rest in Peace.🙏🏻

Joe’s Variety Channel

At least you have Butch to comfort you.

Dogs always know when something's wrong.

When my cat Inkspot passed away, my dog Kida knew how I was feeling.
She placed her paw on my leg and looked at me with those eyes as if she were saying, "It's going to be okay."

Linda Bealer

I'm so glad you did this series-it was fascinating from beginning to end. I'd raised triops once, 20 years ago; it's a bitter-sweet experience. They're lovely creatures. Their life is so brief from our perspective- but couldn't OUR lives also be considered brief from the perspective of maybe another species, or a future human with a longer life-span?
It's not about how long you lived, but how WELL!

Larry Bundy Jr

A minute's silence for our fallen triop... 😥

Wayverlee Soulsong

I come back after literal years and LPS’ fish is dead

That’s dark

Lucky Penny Shop

Hey everyone! Not my normal title. just doing a little YouTube test. Thanks for stopping by, read the description!

Ayden Young

I remember watching this channel years ago! This is the first video I’ve seen in my feed in a LONG time. I guess the dramatic title worked!


R.I.P. — Triops July 1, 2019- August 24, 2019 🙁

Ciel Shizumi

Owwww, poor thing, the good thing is that you took good care of them
I remember that I read in a part that lasts 15 days or weeks, I do not agree very well, even in the instructive I said something similar, I do not agree well, but there was an image of fossils and a person digging.
I came to think that they would not last long with that in the instrument, even so I cannot deny that raising a Triop's is a rather beautiful and at the same time sad experience uwu


It's unfortunate they have short lifespans, mine grew rather large and laid eggs before dying