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Wendy Tully

I love your video! SUBSCRIBED and LIKED! (Why can't ALL you tube videos be like your video? Gets straight into doing NO WAFFLING for 20 minutes before hand. I love watching you tube but the amount of times I've had to 'click off' due to the WAFFLING! Drives me nuts!)

Paulo Cruz

Why glue the board's stick to the wood? Won't it damage it?

Carlos Andia

Pero el iman que pones no dañarian al usb para que vuelva a funcionar normal mente

Mosè Bonacchi

congratulations nice work! Is it possible to know which sticker you used to attach the USB stick to the wood? ... thank you so much

Николай Ченченко

Зделай такой же корпус только на телефон

PD The Man

Oh man! I really thought at first that you'd alternate the colors of the design on opposite sides.
But still if my USB drive was sentient it would really be jealous right about now.

Muhammad Mostafa

very nice! but is it working after all? 🙂


make a PS3 (PS4 if you want) controlller out of wood

M. Atıf Karaoğul

Good job. I hope you've installed a high-capacity device.

Ingos Werkstatt

Moin Thorsten Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinen 50K, okay aktuell 52300. GlG Ingo


I would have just copied the data over to a new pen drive and saved all that messing about.

Majid Ahmed

The sander is shouting, "It is forbidden to cry."🤣

Majid Ahmed

The text of the video will go, and the rest will try to install the USB flash🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gemechu Girmaye

I want to do exactly your work please could you list for me the marials needed??

Maz Terbate

I could be wrong but won't that Magnet potentially erase or corrupt the data on the stick?
Otherwise, it was beautiful work!

Vladimir Medvedev

Magnets destroy data in memory cards.

Vladimir Medvedev

¿El magneto de la tapa, no destruye la informacion en el USB?


so nice i have du diss is so cool diss work