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I tried the rubbing alcohol method and it wasn't very effective. I tried the compressed air method and I was struggling to get the gum without taking pieces of the carpet. I had great success using the compressed air then going over it multiple times with a vacuum that has spinning brushes for a couple minutes then freeze then vacuum, etc. I moved the vacuum around a lot most of the time and held it on the spot some of the time. Worked very well.

chris sanchez

Rubbing alcohol pour some over it let it sit for a minute and use the back of a butter knife to remove it. Thank me later

Shane C

Thanks for this video. Every other video is useless as all hell because they tell you to buy specialized gum remover spray cans (which is essentially compressed air). I can't find those anywhere in Canada, so this is a great alternative. I needed a keyboard cleaner anyways, so two birds with one stone!

Mark Butler

Very useful video. Thanks for the great tips.