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Haziel Atzin Alvarez Mendizabal

I Love music 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Rhianna Garnett

This song hits so hard. I just got out of an abusive relationship. I am now with someone who treats me like an equal as well as a goddess. You don’t owe anyone anything, anyways do what’s best for you because you are so important. Stay strong.

Jennifer Carlson

Cherry Wine is powerful because it shows two sides: The song shows a male as a victim, female as the abuser. The video shows the opposite, but each seems to acknowledge the other.

to day

1 hit wonder the rest is cookie cutter garbage.

Dee-Bee Kooper

Someone needs to educate Hosier on actual domestic violence and explain to him just how NOT "oppressed" western women are...

Magali Lopez

This song never fails to make me cry every time I listen to it.

Maria Rachel Duncil

Hmmm... The lyrics seems like about a guy who is inlove with someone who is already married. He feels guilty about it and he is aware that it is a crime. But he is still into it, despite the pain.

juliana barbosa

not a big fan of the song but the clip is amazing !!!!!

Sadie Elk

im 18 and i just got out of an abusive relationship of five months. he was my first legit boyfriend i guess.

neunike morre

Half of it. Because if I go all the way nice, you'd think I'm a fake.

Seoyoung Choi

this is so powerful and beautiful i cant even

Elisabeth Fortin

I always thought Cherry Wine was the saddest song on the cd and seeing this clip confirms that. Also, I'm in tears.

udita sharma

Why the hell this video not topping all of the charts and everything ... and why only 19M views I mean c'mon man ... this video deserves more than a thousand million ... dude wake up!

Marie Franz

Saoirse's acting always moved my heart.Her face at 2:28.

Kaohu Hoomanawanui

I'm sorry im not strong like your Mother is for dealing with the same problems from the same person for years on end to put up with abuse, neglect, and child to teen and adult trauma. I can't help you when it seems you all like to run into walls, cry for help, get help and make the ones that help you run into the same walls 🤯regardless on who's time and expense.

Shane Nicholson

This video is very good at painting exactly how domestic violence from a man to a woman happens but the truth is the song is about a female abusing someone, presumably Hozier (a man) as he wrote it, but it could also be a woman. The one thing the song is NOT about is a man abusing a woman. Strange that the man abusing a woman theme was chosen to base the video on, I would be interested to know, but I''ll probably never find out, what made Hozier choose that and potentially betray his song?

Saoirse Dwyer



Hozier making the most beautiful depressing music. Sigh.

Emma formanova
I think I can finally understand why people stay. There's always been that question of "Why?". Why stay with someone that hurts you, it's so simple, just leave. But, it's not that simple. I felt like I was her and the scariest part, was that at the end, I knew that she should leave and I knew why, but at the same time I didn't. Because he loves her, but he hits her, but she loves him and he's so affectionate. In relationships in general, I'm very affectionate and need a lot of it in return, so to have someone… Read more »
Ultimate death

At the of watching this Hozier has 2,222,222 subscribers

April Helm

“She loves like sleep to the freezing” 💔