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Just Laura

YAY Im excited!! Hopefully I can make it!! 😀

Fa Magikal

I use Buyee and it's fantastic, It is very accessible by low fees and commissions, to buy more easily at auction sites and others where it's more difficult due to the language or delivery methods and the site is very friendly to use 😊

Elizabeth Gonzalez

do you have a link to the website where you bought the gacha sets from? please 🙂

Nada Mohammed

I am going to Japan this summer, so I'm excited to get an idea of what kind of gachas are out there!

Chelsea Blackman

Can't wait for the livestream! WHOO! XD

Wahyono Apriasnoto

im soo happy its finnaly the almost here 100 gachas

Jennifer Whitman

I'm so excited for the 109 :p gacha opening! (ps I'm bad with math too... totally would have done the same thing haha)


She actually got a mini gacha machine im alittle to exicted about it but i wanna see if they actually work or not


Wow those are alot of capsules! I can't wait to see them in the next video. 🙂

Johanna Val

I just got out of school today , and I better put a reminder on a! I will try to be one of the first in the stream ( I hope it’s not too late for me when it starts )

Lilie Danh

YAY GACHAS 🥳🤩 keep on doing the good work Abby 🥰 also say hi for mr.panda for me 🐥❤️🐼

Johanna Val

Wow this is amazing I’ve been wanting a video like this for a long time ( remember me when on a live stream I said I want a live gatcha hunting thing ) also I think I’m first!


This is so cute and first love your channel

Warriors and Stranger Things Are Bae

For where I am this airs 7 pm, should be sleeping, still gunna watch it 😂🤷🏼‍♀


oooh that's awesome :D. I am not sure i can join the premiere , because i live in the netherlands. But i will watch it later on otherwise :D.
Sometimes i wish we had gachapon shops here as well, although money wise i think it's better we don't have them here XD :p

Young Lu

Yay, can't wait to see it!!! Good luck ♥️


I have used buyee a few times. They do a great job and its fast. Even if I chose sal mail it comes with in a month are two.


I love the mini gacha machines!! The Toy Story one looks adorable <3
Can't wait to see the full unboxing!!

Kala Mathes

Ahh! I'm so excited for this! Haha Are you going to take all the tape off each one before filming? That stuff is the worst.

Lorien's Toy Box

I hope you guys enjoyed the mini preview of what's coming next week! It's going to be crazy!!
If you haven't already seen my 40 Gacha Opening make sure to check it out 😀 https://youtu.be/CTIcjw33Eow

Poki K

Going on gacha hunts are on my top five of must do’s when I visit japan


I can't wait to see your ultimate gacha unboxing. Some time in April I watched so many of your old magical box unboxing videos and the gachas are always my fav.

Adrienne Danehy-Oakes

Wish I could be there for the premier but I'll be in Canada!


Yes I love to see your video opening all 100 Gacha, I wish that I can back to japan I love doing the Gacha too. And I just finsh school

Sieren Tokiio

We just got gatcha's at 2 of our stores
So excited because I found some Rillekuma ones

Shaunna Gayle

How extra are you "look how cute this is it a city in a follower pot I have to get this " LOL love you and your extra ness


What a wide selection of gachas! So many cute ones!