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Matt Campbell

What’s the title of the song when he did that workout edit

LokiZ 007

That ending with Dood flopping all around in bunny ears had me dying. Sick video.

Nick DeLillo

Maxx that dude that was deadlifting right next to you is going to bust every single disk in his back if he keeps rounding his back like that

Nicole Arguelles

Maxx, why do you squat in chucks? Do you like them more than lifters?

Chris Atkins

Am I The only one who wants max to start using some of of dog restraint/seat belt when he’s got dood in the car?

Dr. V

How to waist money 101: spend a few thousand dollars on a gold band that no one notices, has no functional uses, and repairs are 350 dollars. derp


6:30 i heard Salsa music and thought Maxxi pooh was talking Spanish...lol


Maxx and Nick are life! Both good ass dudes!


Thank you so much for using my remix on “Everybody Hates Me”! ❤️ loved the video as well brother 💪


Are you saying "unvealed"?? Lmao. Revealed. Unveiled. Two different words, d00d.


Hey Doodle, what's the best way to lift my jeep? I'm looking for stratosphere level heights when I flex. Had a feeling you were the guy to ask.

Madison Cox

I’m here in the comments to make sure I wasn’t crazy about the poop scene


7:15 is a great example of good form (max) vs shit form (other guy)

Amy Velazquez

The secret is that Ally and him are serious !!! Or was it even a secret hahaha 😉😱😂

kellie M

It takes up to a year for a dog to have full control of thier sphincter muscle, give Dood some more time😁


guy deadlifting next to you at 7:13 making yours look like trash

James Sanders

lol guy at 7:20, cmon man haha, terrible deadlifts

Riki Kobayashi

Anyone else catch that Ally reference on 1:49 ?

Vincent Rose33

So I did miss this video. Saw your new video today and you said come back and watch this. So wow

Clay Emert

I went back to watch this one and you were right it was sick!!!!!

Justen Harden

Looking jacked in that pink tank, doood

Neil McMahon

Dood looks like Alf. Remember Alf ?

I'll see myself out...

Ian Solano

It's the daft stuff that tickles me! That lunatic at the 4:00 mark. Dead!

Matt Love

What's up with that walk you always film near the gym fence line with all your friends? Where are you guys headed?

Elijah Marchi

Is it just me or is Maxx looking more jacked than ever?

cody Lucero

Which sunglasses is he wearing? I like them.


So are you and Ali official since you don’t want to get shredded for girls anymore?

Dorian Jilg

What music do you use in your videos to not get f*cked by copyright? 🙂

AJ Brown

Poor Maxx... stuck with the pink tank top. 😂😂😂

Sara Richter

Oh yaaay! Can’t wait to buy your mastermind course... aka “project xx” 😂


its been almost 10 years since i started watching maxx and he still looks the same as he was 10 years ago? dude has an issue gaining muscle

Nico Soranzo

LOVE the style of your videos... full inspiration my bro!!

R-Jay Yamaha

Dont say hi to him at the poole cuz he wit ally #confirmed

Josh Driscoll

dood reminds me of the bear in the blue house

Frank Smith

the guy next to max deadlifting at 7:15 hurt my back jesus christ


That guy in the red shoes deadlifting next to Maxx hurt me just watching him!

Lets Open Packs

Can't wait for your secret sour candy