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mike blackwell

Nick I like how you explain stuff man, your easy to understand an straight to the point. Common sense engineering at its finest.


Nice job and yes, it was quite creative and well thought out.


Nick, great idea for the next video.
"How to install a "kegerator"

Alex Henry

Nick, you did such a great install job that Kelly should just make you, I mean let you, do all the laundry. Wouldn’t want to foul up any of that pretty Frankenplumbing. Sail on sailor.

Frank Rice

Perfect has long it works for you guys ...great job. Thanks for sharing

Mike O'Connell

Nice to have on board water system! That over sized blender seems like a silly waste of time/space/energy to wash a bucket of undies! Didn't see any briefs I guess your on your own.

Björn Doms

Now only the swimming pool is missing! XD Good job Nick keep it up and thanks for the vid! 🙂

Poppy & the Princess

OMG, poor Kelly!! Did Nick provide you with a set of Chinese instructions so that you can do the laundry? Ha ha. Turn this on, turn that off, watch this meter, this goes into that then turn this off — I think I will send Kelly some paracetamol! ha ha


That's a lot of possibilities for leaks. 🙃

Lazy Days

Thanks much the great installation video. You have a good collection of tools, essential for boat or any projects. I was wondering — it appeared that you were using a portable table saw to cut the wood for the water maker platform. Is that correct? If so what model/brand is it?

G King

Well at least on YOUR boat, if the new washer dies you won't have to have a funeral...

Neil Shubert

It was long, but it needed to be long, you guys made a great tech video that I really found useful!

Laurent Froggy

You just gave Rainman the ideas with those holes. Great video guys. The King must be proud of you and cheesed off too for not having his King Arthur moment. Next video should be just about the King and nothing else if you wish to keep your boat intact 😉 thanks and best from HKG 🇭🇰

Dustin LaBorde

Good job Nick, keep mama happy for a happy life 😀

zzzx xzzz

Damn , can't believe I watched this video !

Dale Jensen

Very ingenious. Lots of tightness, my experience is tightness can be good.

Geoff Strebel

How long have you guys had that installed for? Is the power line from the generator to the Rainman rated for that amerage? It could get very hot with that kind of draw.

S/V LoniLu

Could y’all do a video of the legal requirements of bringing Arthur into each country y’all traveled to/planning to?


I would be concerned about the high pressure hose rubbing on the holes in the casing that you drilled... put some chafe protection. Also I would be careful to make sure that watermaker does not operate with both head door and portlight closed... could cause a heat build up and shorten the live of the compressor and or washing machine.

Bill Van Den Ouden

All I can say is good job awesome video and the rain man is an awesome peace Vegas bill

S/V Second Chance Sailing

Looks like nice work Nick very creative engineering on top of that not too many people would actually put a laundry room in you must have a really big inverter in your boat running that washing machine without restarting the generator LOL just something I noticed but again really nice work

Dutch Globetrotter

I like that system, if my soon to buy boat doesn't have a water maker.
I will consider this system.

Wayne Doeblin

All very convenient and cleverly installed,and top marks to the model doing the demo,good onya Kelly😊

Richard Chasse

Good stuff. Since, in your own words, this head is not used as a bathroom, gut it and make your gal (and you) a real laundry room. It would seem, the more one keeps plugging and unplugging water and valve connections, the sooner they will wear out or break. Just a thought. 🙂

Edward Werthner

Really great info on both. Maybe a Permanent water maker is better n leave the washer for easier access . When do you head back to the DR
For hurricane season.