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Azan Khan

My man what’s up with the scissors😂😭. Also u should have gone with gum balls or peanut M&Ms

Brandon B.

Heck yeah man GJ! Time to gear up for more ! Congrats man !

Chris Invests

Did you buy a car yet? What's the place that you put the machine?

Luis Aleman

That cool I'm actually thinking of doing these because I can't drive and it's not like I can get rides frequently so these business makes sense for me along with flipping phones even tho I can't go like every single day to buy phones

Mark Barclay

You did it Will!..bagged your first location and now you're up and running! #AwesomeNews . And I just loved your enthusiasm and excitement showing through now that your hard work and determination has paid off. I'm already sensing that your mind is working overtime and you're plotting your new prime spot and other businesses. Hehe. #EnjoyChamp

Jerry C

Hey, congrats on your first location! I just placed my first triple head at my first location last Monday! I went to check up on it today, cleaned it up and just made sure it was still in good working order. I didn't collect today, but I did check the money and it had about $7 in it for just one week! Best of luck to you man! Keep at it!

BTW, how did you land this location? CC, walk in, Facebook?

The Mercado Channel

What we all been waiting for bro let’s go glad to see you got that machine in and placed instantly I’m excited myself to see how it goes for you bro keep it up young boss 💪🏽💯👍🏾

Tyrone Ingram

Always use gloves when filling your machines people always watching you


From there he placed vending machine after vending machine until the whole world's food supply just came from Will's vending machines.

Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos

So exciting man! I am looking forward to upcoming videos about the results from it.

Jacob Bredin

Nice video but you literally choose the worst candy possible

Sean The Hustler

Congrats man! Just want to say though that rings are horrible sellers. Do gumballs, peanut m&ms or skittles

Infinite Value

Congratulations bro!!! I’m so happy for you! I like your reinvestment strategy! 👍

Smoove Flipper

Congrats! Love how you're adding more streams of income to your arsenal. Keep it up 🔥

Ben - BlueDollarBull

Congrats man. Been cool to see your journey and hope the location does well for you.