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Nikki German

Who dries their clothes in 30 mins. No matter what an hour is how all my clothes dry

Danni Masters Studio

I can't help but feel that was a bit of a low rating. I understand there's design flaws but they also designed it really well for a cheap price. At the end of the day, it works and can work well. Like for me, my apartments machines never work right, only 2 work at all so they're never available, they're $5/per load Canadian, etc. I plan to get something like the washing machine to help with an outfit, bras, delicates, etc. Then hang it on the drying rack, I could always add a fan if need be.

caitlin ferguson

I am a huge fan!! I recently discovered you and feel sad I didn't know of your existence sooner!! Video suggestion: Have you ever seen that airbrush makeup at drug stores? it comes in a spray can... I've always wondered about it. Also those new "my fit me" jeans or whatever they are called. They say they are good all the way up to size 12 !! Whaat??

Keanna Chester

You should do a video with your husband trying out products

Natalie Frances

Girl I love your videos! I can be having a crap day and your videos always cheer me up! Thank you for that! ❤️❤️

Cindy Hedgepath

Have you ever bought and tried anything from aliexpress? I have bought many things from them and I compare them to WISH. It takes 4-8 weeks to receive things, though.

Jamie Morisby

Omg. I had totally forgotten about your channel then I just saw it in my recommendations now

Taylor Roche

Been home from work past few days with a stomach flu, thank you for making my miserable days better. Been binge watching your videos. I love you viv!

Erica Morley

Have you tried the watermelon windmill slicer????? That could be a good one for the summer 😁😁😁

Uhpen Yen

Vivian. What do you do with these products that we know you are not going to keep? (You should do a QnA video again)

MsSamanatha A

I like my portable dryer it's a magic chef dryer works perfect!

adonis apolo

I recently discovered your channel and subscribed. I just want to know... is all your family Tries?? Also, when someone dies, do you say at the funeral "well, apparently he didn't Try hard enough"?


Protable? Those instructions say "Protable".

Naomi Martinez

Notice how all the shit thats easy has perfect readable instructions and all the complicated shit has crap instructions 😂 Vivian gonna have like 752 side businesses!!!


i have that drying machine and it works fine... for shirts, you can put 9 at the same time and the timer should be 1 hr to 1 ½ hrs and its much better if you will spin the clothes first before using that.

Chris Urlacher

You wouldn’t normally put dripping wet clothes in a dryer right? Once gone in spin cycle I bet they would have been dry in the 39 min. Just a thought 💭

lynslee makeup huzzie

How are you gonna get off the grid if you need electricity to use it? Should of been battery operated lol. But I do want the new black and decker mini washer

lynslee makeup huzzie

Order the ones on Amazon they look bigger and neat


Maybe just put a hand towel on the bottom to absorb all the water that way even if shirts are touching the bottom they will dry much easier.

Renee D

Off the grid? Easy ...clothesline. I lived offgrid in Hawaii. No electricity unless you fill up generator up with gas and pull your arms off.

Jennifer Rae Fuchek

"Protable" dryer on front of manual 🤦‍♀️🤣

Tina Grady

Wet shi&😂😂😂! It could not pass tsa I don’t think 😂😂😂! Looks ominous he he he!

Kimberly Marshall

If the clothes are to long, just fold them over.

Alexandria Michelle

Perfect for my bundles or bras 😍

Teresa Haven

Ok so 1 of the pop up laundry baskets from dollar tree, some hangars, a windbreaker, and a hair dryer. Just zip the windbreaker up around the laundry basket...hmmm...that's as far as I got

Renae Cooper

You didn't say "1,2,3 go!" 🙁 That's my favorite part. I will forgive you this time, don't you dare go thinking it's going to slide all the time though.


You need a Chamwow to put in the bottom of it to soak up the water. 😉