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Tazbro Games

485$ boss. I just do videos on my gumball machines. Glad your channel was in my recommendations

Finn Tegeler

I am going to say $365

Good video. So inspiring!

Jonah Feehery

416, this was my last collection number and it is for a reason! lmao killing the game, keep grinding & Keep Growing bro

Unique Ramirez

$540 is my guess. These videos motivates me to start vending 🤯

Veronica Johnson

$458. How many machines you own.
I own 5 combo snack machines. Moving machines is hard finding good movers. Success to you !

Paolo parmerola

$530 my guess... Nice videos great business

Superior Vending

Love that you're incorporating multiple streams of income man. Subbed 👍

Thomas Dunsmore

Really nice video! Hopefully I’ll be hitting numbers like this soon 😂 Going to guess $547.50

Feaunzerelli B

My guess is 405 because that's my area code 😂