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I really love your videos and your accent 😀


If you're not using the needler gun for long reach, then you need to have a ring around to restrict movement of the needles, side to side. Usually, it comes with the needler gun itself. Looks like a shaving brush stand with a clamp.

Steve Evans

What a wonderful old piece. Great to see it all cleaned up and put back into usable condition.

Tameem Moaleji

If I find a junkyard like that ill be there for days at a time. btw I would have repaired the crack come on.

fredrick Rari

I saw a three phase transformer . What plans do you have for it?

glenn goodale

This was a really cool video to watch. Thank you


Try using Vinegar and water 50/50 for removing the crud from your smaller parts. We use an old 24inch plastic toolbox for a vate to soak them in. Keep up the good work and thanks for doing 2 versions. I'm a old redneck and English is tough enough on me, Lol. Later

Jimmy Tremblay

Great job dude! I'm kinda jealous... The scrapyard here doesn't let you buy stuff... Y'know, "Insurance Issues" and shit like that. Nice work, keep it up 😀

Stephen Morton

aw man. i was hoping you would chrome it in your electroplater bath.

Untamed Euphoria

This was a really cool video to watch. Thank you

Helmut Heller

In German, too, how cool is that! I watched both videos, but I don't know which one I like better. You sound more fluent in the English (!!) video.


I would use boiled linseed oil instead of Ballistol.

Chris Clarke

Great job, although I think you should mention the potential toxic nature of old paint esp from industrial sources ... airborne lead isn’t good.

Giorno Giovanna

I thought this was from one of my "restoration" channels. Kinda surprised after seeing the intro. Cool stuff.

Gort Newton

Wow! Looks like there's lot of good stuff in junkyards there. How about a tour of one of the junkyards for us — that would be a lot of fun.


I am not an expert but you should probably anneal the parts after quenching if not the steel will be too brittle. Great video thank you!

M de Vries

Did you heat treat the steel after you straightened it out?


If the tube doesn’t have much load on it why did it brake in the first place and for a weld to brake there has to be a lot of force so I suggest you get it welded properly because it will damage the nut if you don’t

Two Girls and a Bird

Oh no...?vice restoration videos are a gateway to selling out...sigh...then he said , " who cares"

Nick Peterson

Awesome find, I love the scrap/junk yard!

Stuart G. Australia.

What did the scrap yard charge you for the vice? Great restoration. Cheers Stuart 🇦🇺


Great restoration, I look forward to the others, great fun!


Wonderful project! One can see the passion you've put into this. Brilliant!

Zaid Haymoor

how did you manage to learn electronics and working with steel together ?


Damn, with my "hamster — gatherer" mentality, I'd spend significant part of my life on such junkyard. Probably even asking for a job over there.
Great restoration job!!


Did you check that old paint for lead?
All those breaks in hefty steel parts may indicate it's been tossed around a bit.

Shane K

That’s a big boy, I’ve got a Colombian with 7” jaws and love it.

The Post Apocalyptic Inventor

Hey guys, There also is a GERMAN version of this video online on my channel now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWlj8vtT1zQ


I love your work man, so considered, precise and professional


Nice to see something restored into a good state that was probably scrapped on account of it's numerous issues that a little care and attention would've fixed as your video displayed.

A nice beefy and heavy duty vice is yours and others to enjoy now!


Beautiful tool restoration — glad this piece was rescued.

Claudio G.

What a cool scrapyard you have nearby! Here (Veneto) it is almost impossible to find one, and anyway it is forbidden by law to pick up materials.


These restoration videos were always my favorite! 😀


Every man has his vices, usually in the shed... 😛

Massimiliano Salzano

Nice restoration. I remember when you have restore it your lathe few years ago. Ciao Gerolf

Joey Mac

There is no limit to your abilities. Great work. That scrap yard will keep you busy.