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Andrea Martin is still funny. Sad her recent show didn't get renewed on NBC.

CBS 70sfan

"She blowed up!" "Yeah, she blowed up real good!" 😂

Dion St. Michael

I never realized how sweet Ms Andrea’s big tits were back then but she rarely exploited them! Yummy...😍


Goddamn. Martin does an amazing Peters impersonation.

Thomas Dragt

Spot on Bernadette Peters imitation Amazing comidic talent ensemble

Francis Madigan

May the good Lord take a likin' to ya and blow you up real soon .

The Ultimate Reductionist

BP being blowed up is my alltime favorite celebrity blowing up.

The Ultimate Reductionist

Real pouty. Real real pouty. LOL!!

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

I bet Bobby Bittman would've blowed up real good!

Gelezinis Vilkas

Andrea Martin's tits have never looked nicer.

Noe Berengena

"She blowed up real good." Billy Sol Hurok's unforgettable sign off.

steve jewell

Didn't they blow up the band The Tubes on an episode? I bet they blowed up real good!

Don Hancock

Blow up the entire Osmond family?
I can't wait to see that!

Donnie Hagy

"Cute and vulnerable--in a deliberate sorta way"!! Too funny!

Anthony Arguien

Andrea Martin as Bernadette Peters? She fucking nailed it!

Dion St. Michael

I’m just here for Andrea’s big bouncy tits...😍

I have fallen and i can't reach my keg

Is it ironic that Bernadette Peters' Husband blowed up, real good, in a Helicopter crash, in 2005 or is that a coincidence or just bad luck. Either way, Rest, In Peace, Michael and/or Mark Wittenberg


That's some nice cleavage on fake Bernadette there. Her titties look spectacular.