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Is it just me or is her channel doing WORSE than before her serious with Shane? 😶

Vidda Del Orbe

are you going to to the back to school haul?

irene belserion

*please like so bunny can see 🖤*
i think your channel isn’t doing well because NOT because of you, it’s youtube’s fault. i don’t know what it is but i have post notifications on and I NEVER get notifications! and i never see your videos recommended anymore. it’s like youtube doesn’t want u to be popular anymore which sucks because i love you so much bunny. i
hope u can get in contact with youtube so they can fix it because it’s messed up.
much love from a true SWAMP FAMILY MEMBER

E Kohli

Lol the best 🐊🧝🏽‍♀️🐸🧝‍♀️ONION


I love your channel just subscribed keep it up😋😋😋😋😁😁😁😁

Alice Macarthur

Bunny, Cat, and Dog Man = the circle of lifeeeeee


Is it one of back to school things
I am so exciting waiting this video

Anneliesa & Miles Vallier

are you doing the back to school giveaway? Please answer,

Keyana Desvignes

You should do a "staying in the most haunted Texas hotel for the night" video. Like if u agree

Hey_Its_Josi_ 11

Are yu going to do a back to school giveaway?

juicyjae69 O_o

Dog man is literally the cutest, I love you two together and the happiness you bring to the table.

dave rivera

Are you not doing the back to school giveaway this year... uwu kind of sad but go off


pizza shoe sounds similar to barbecue. LOL


Are you not doing your annual school supplies video this year?

Shelley Leah

Watching people that are stoned huff markers 🤫

Summer Sierra

If u grab a piece of paper and scribble a little, the scents are stronger and easier to smell. Just did this challenge

Kaylee Marino

Is she still friends with Leighann ?
They used to do videos all the time... not that I don’t love Kat! Just wondering

Gabriella Millar

How about you visit haunted places at night...or abandoned buildings. That would be a good video.

Daisy Aguilar

Will there be a back to school giveaway this year? I love watching those videos

Daphné Doris Auger

I’m obsessed with Cat’s makeup! She’s so pretty ❤️

Therese Martin

Y'all should have had some coffee on standby so you could cleanse your noses between markers. Also, is it weird that I want to smell these markers now?

Cassidy MacDonald-Adams

Kat looks lit as fucuuuuck hahahahahaha

Sarah R.

You should test them on paper to see if the scent is stronger or different!


I'd love to see your channel add a segment "learning how to Cook for Dogman" and knowing the myths of cooking and having dogman and some friends be the honest taste tester of what you cooked. 😁

Tara Smith

Can you do a follow me around target I really miss them vedios

Alexis S

Can you please dye your hair green by guy Tang. Omfg !!! 👽💚


"Does it smell like butthole?"
I would imagine dirty laundry to definitely smell like butthole. 😂😂💀💀

Daniasshley H

Kat is fricken ripped in this video I love it. 1am walk for a hoot I say😂💕

Kelli Jones

Gaaawwww I loooove your faerie ears, you totally rock them!💕💕

A Name That Is Useable

are you going to do a back to school giveaway this year?

Allison Lay

Why did I get an ad for deodorant during the video 🤣🤣🤣

someone somewhere

I've been waiting for another BunnyxKat collab, thank you guys for delivering 😂😭