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Nola McCoy

I live in British Columbia...Im glad you got to try the ketchup crisps (chips) LOL My favorite... Hope someday I can come to the UK and try some of your food and treats.

Sacred Rose

Ketchup Chips darling. We keep our dialect of english.

Sacred Rose

My grandpa loves those maple cookies. Not my thing

Maire Millard

I started off watching some of your 2018 content and was enjoying it...but the further back I go the less I like you... :/ Maybe I should stop going back to your older content

Vicky Taylor

I have just discovered coffee crisps and they are amazing. I found them on Amazon if anyone wants some. Please leave some on Amazon uk for me.


Your nervous energy annoys me dunno why cos I like your videos

Zombie Fool

Both your impersonations and your eating sounds are nauseating.


I didn't know how much of the chocolate over here is Canadian, you guys all over the rest of the world must really be missing out on our awesome chocolate bars. :p


if you haven't already: must try a 'beaver-tail'- deep fried whole wheat dough and topped with whatever sweet thing you desire (don't wrap/cover Mrs. Barry with it- not on camera at least) — cinnamon sugar good to go 😀

Mr Mercury

The coffee crisp is my favourite bar, it’s really good with chips/crisps too, it’s salty sweet and yummy!

Sacred Rose

I have never seen those quatro cookies before. Pomme is apple.

Glen Atkinson

Nice tip of the hat to Wayne's World. Reminds me of the Scarborough I grew up in...great channel.

Be My Muse

I'm running out to the store to get some candy. I live in Toronto.

Chuck Edmond

Potato chips are called potato chips. Not crisps!

Amy Lee

I love you Barry, but the R. Kelly song in every video is getting old.

Nicolas Reny

"I speak a little bit a Spanish." it's french

jodie quintana

Few years late... however the word you asked what it meant, very not suitable for a YouTube comment but definitely go and google it for your future reference if you already haven’t done so...😂

Steam_Wolf probuctions

Not surprised you love the coffee crisp its one of my favorets to though there are more but mms are amarican smarties are canadian but vary entertaining though your accsent is way off eh by the way im from B.C.

Bill T Szewski

Cadbury is so bad here now, Mr. Big, Wunder bar Dairy Milk Mini Eggs all are BAD now its so sad.

Aisha Mukri

In Canada we have tim Horton’s not Starbucks I mean we have Starbucks but not a lot of them

Real Disco Dave

As a rule, always take the black 1 out first! Fact

Aisha Mukri

What did I only know every other treat that was sent
Btw what you called spanish is actually French. Also we have both French and English on our food and stuff because Canada is bilingual so we have to have both languages so just flip the thing over and the English is on the other side.

Stephanie Vachon

You should use your s’mores gadget with the caramilk bar as the chocolate. Soooo good!!

Bill T Szewski

Awe was thinking you had Coffee Crisp with the Smarties and Aero too in the UK 🙁

Bill T Szewski

Awe back in the day caramilk was so amazing caramel now is all chems too

Bill T Szewski

Not the best Ketchup chip to send but they are okay.


Thank you Barry, having a marathon. Whoppers are something I used to eat with popcorn but only at the movies. Don’t know why there are foods/treats that only eaten at the movies-Junior Mints, flavored and mixed flavored soft drinks and frozen lemonade.

Angie Tyndall

Pickel potato chips are also big in Canada. My sister brought some back from there years ago along with chocolate covered Smarties.

Denise Cameron

If you love Mike Myers you have to check out a movie called "so I married an a é murderer" it's an earlier movie of his and he plays multiple parts in it and does the Scottish accent too lol

Elisa Ward

Half this stuff is American, not Canadian.


While you're on Canadian treats, how about a recipe for Nanaimo bars?


I think Adam and eve covered up with fig leaves.

Matthew Wicker

I know this comment is really late, but Whoppers are American. They may be sold in Canada, but they’re American.

Sacred Rose

I haven't seen the strawberry turnover cookies either.