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Robert Browning

O, I have cat dung on thee anointed place!

Mykaela Paradis

The whole time Rhett is trying to get Link to put the cat poop on his arm saying "all the hot ladies did it in medieval times" I'm thinking "ya, those same women also put f'ing lead on their faces!"

Daisy Moore

This is hilarious. I actually worked at Medieval Times.

Віка Г.

There's a reason why people didn't really use white fabric for their outer clothing

Jeff Antoniotti

It was very interesting to watch though. Thank you.

Jeff Antoniotti

I'm brave enough to try just about anything, but this stuff is disgusting.


when they were talking about hair removel, there was a add about how to grow your hair

Cassia McCarthy

Will the disease that will make Rhett like cats make him like community college too??!! 😂😂

I am just a mom doing the best I can
They also chewed mint leaves. The hair line was plucked too but the paste was put on at night and left on all night under a swath bandage of gause or linen. If the hair didn't come off in clean lines they plucked with a split stick. This is so funny to watch. I loved reading and learning about the past and old practices but never thought I'd see someone TRY them! Thank you guys! Ashes and urine was also used to tan leather or to work into walking stones to crub them clean. You need white ash for clothes… Read more »
Arin Bee

Pharmacy tech here, and sometimes our pharmacists do crush up tablets in a mortar for compounded drugs!

Dillon Phillips

Tasting each other’s breath is pretty damn gay.

Fear Foxy

we burn somebody then we take there ashes then we put it on our dirty laundry then we piss on it

Monkey Bubbles

ROFL!!! They used charcoal to blacken their teeth but activated-CHARCOAL itself is already a teeth whitener!!! I actually have toothpaste with charcoal in it already made just for that reason. A Whitener.
That’s also why they used ashes in the concoction to clean stains. Charcoal absorbs other chemicals and stains. That’s also why they have people swallow activated-charcoal when they OD on certain drugs. It absorbs the drug before the person can digest it.

Kirstin Benson

love you family and friends Hello friends GoodMythicalMorning hello friends RhettandLink hello friends Rhett Hello friends Link Happy Smile

Antti Miettunen

Totally missed opportunity for a sterile joke.

Tori Bowers

Rhett cloudy urine means you need to go to a kidney doctor. I have to go because mine is cloudy

Kimberly Weccacoe

Rhett sounded like Ice King from Adventure Time 😂😂😂😂

Kayla Palmer

I don't know whether to be more disturbed by the fact that they put cat poop and vinegar on his arm, or that they peed in a jar... Only after the crew wouldn't.

william altpeter

Don't ask how i know... but you used charcoal, not ash. The Ammonia in the Urine mixes with ash. Also, Rhett's Urine is opaque. He should probably go get checked.

Allison L

I don’t know how or why I still find these men attractive

Ann Margarette Sambilay

"...and ashes... why add actual dirt?"

anthony venturella

This is easily The Best episode !! I ‘urinated’ my pants. Great job.


thats Coal not ashes, ashes are white. and ashes makes soap, oh and most people that survived childhood became 70 — 80

Monkey Bubbles

Gotta love how they used activated charcoal to “blacken” their teeth... but activated charcoal is actually a teeth whitener by itself! 😂😂😂😂 I use it every day instead of bleaching my teeth. It whitens then TREMENDOUSLY!!! My teeth are about 5 shades whiter than they were before I started brushing with charcoal. It HAS to be ACTIVATED CHARCOAL though. Not just regular charcoal.

Nissa S.

When they said ashes I thought they meant human ashes...


please put on a mask when you crush dry poop they could have worm spores grinding it makes it airborne where you breath it and boom worms in your butt nah son love ya guys trying to keep core larva free

FallenAngel 69

I can honestly say I'm a pharmacy technician and yes I have used a mortar and pestle

Thea U.

This further proves that there is nothing that rhett and link won't do for a video

Maj. Problem

They actually used "stale" urine where they let the water in the pee evaporate. By doing this it left the ammonia which was the actual stain removing agent. You guys just used fresh urine so the ammonia is way less concentrated 🙂

Nikolas Angle

Ashes contain lye. A strong soap. Urine contains ammonia a strong cleaner as well

Dapper Potato

You guys should try re create medieval foods or dishes and guess which country or year it is

jerk face

I was kinda hoping they were gonna put leeches on themselves but this is also ok