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ngep rence

All the greates show man's songs I always singing it (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Rosario Hernández

Think this soing makes me feel i se e all my firends 😥

Leinie Blaik

I have been abused I have been left alone I have been talked about beaten but Look out here I come

Alma Aventurera :b

Morir con esta escena... PERO DE CORAJEEEEE


Missy Morelli

This is me blue, dragons ,Lego, Tom boy

Ronalee Pabustan

This song make me cry and it reminds me my first time at school a long time

Billie Eyelash
We're doing this song for one of my teachers in assembly today. It's her last singing assembly, we're going to dance to this song. If you're reading this, anyone from school, I <3 you. I'm gonna miss the teacher ever so much, no matter how long she is gone for. Mrs Carter, you deserve the best and only the best. You're the best teacher in the entire world, you know that! You might think that nobody is going to miss you, but I will reassure you, children shall be crying night and day because you're going. I hope your new… Read more »
Anonymous SS

Are the Asian guys gay? Why are they freaky? I really don’t get why they’re counted as freaks. Is it because they’re simply Asian?


♡I love this song♡
it's makes me courage.

Magda De Oliveira Corrêa Maciel

Perfect music! Keala is perfect !

Dawn O'Neill

My son loves this song! He is 3.5 years old and being assessed for autism! I tell him to say this is me and I make no appologies for being me! I want him to see it's ok to be different and he shouldn't have to apologize for being him 💙 not everyone is perfect in life and that's ok 👌

Psykotik Diva

Anyone that DISlikes this song needs some SERIOUS therapy...this is an AMAZING song and message!!!!!!!

Layla Reynolds

WE HALF TO DO THIS DANCE AND SING AT THE SPRING FLING AT MY SCHOOL if you want you could come at queen mary

ann Tyre

Disney:We make morals in are movies!
The Greatest Showman: HAHA look at our movie! 🙂

Bethany Bakely

This song is the bet ever from this movie.It deserves every award known to man. Please vote for this song

Allyson Tullis

i love this song so much because people bully me because of me dressing in boy clothes. but ever time i get home i listen to this songs. thanks for sharing this song with us.

Lady of books

every freaking time i watch this, i cry

i love songs lots of fun

this show has showed me that no matter how bad something is and someone tells you need to change you can just be you and do what you truely desire and thats why i love this show

ArieDay Gacha

"There's nothing that I'm not worthy of."

wow. that's deep. very deep