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Imall Corkedout

Those moon men must have snapped into a slim jim sometime before the visitors arrived. Did anyone else see an Asian dude on a cloud? Trippy!

runningkirk walk

Who else watching this video was born in 1981 like me


Won't find this quality in today's music. That's for damn sure.

arab susej

This music is off the charts!

Cuz it's shit

J Riggs



In 2013 i hear this song it was so different to me because I only used to listen to the radio, I forgot the name of the song, and now I see Captain Marvel movie and I see a poster of Mellan Collie and give me Flashbacks

Carson Binsfeld

Can anybody tell me the meaning behind this music video? I think that the song is amazing, but I think that the video has nothing to do with the song.

Monique Gomes

Quero que está música toque na minha cremação ❤❤❤


I dropped blotter (Acid) for the first time back in the day......this music video came up on the TV, no internet really then, I was damn near 17...just as beautiful as I saw it then, as now in my days of late 30s verging on 40s.......Live it up...enjoy your time and the Nights! Cherish it all!

Jack Spraker

The more you change the less you breathe.

I like all the stories about the darlings who came together.

But some one sacrificed something for some one.

And that's not really what this song is about.


He looks kinda like Gerard way and pewdiepie in the thumbnail