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am i the only one who got turned on when eugene riiiiiiipped that damn bra

A.B 129

Ned: i know my wifes boobs pretty well, i also have a sister-
Entire audience: SWEET HOME ALABAMA

길동 홍

무게만 같다고 같은 체험이 아닌데. 몸무게 20kg 찌는것과 20kg 가방 메고 다니는 것 중 당연히 후자가 훨씬 힘듦. 전자는 온 몸에 무게가 고르게 분산되며 늘어난 몸무게에 맞춰 근육량 자체도 늘어나 있는데 반해 후자는 모든 무게가 거의 어깨에 집중돼서 압박되고 평상시보다 갑자기 무게가 늘어난거라 근육도 갑작스러운 과부하를 받게 됨. 이 실험도 마찬가지 문제점이 있음.

beth eli

Good luck if you sleep on your stomach unless your an A cup you can't pay flat
Side of is sigh😒

WildRunner 1332

To Keith,
Yeah you zip your pants at the front, but skirts zip at the back and clip at the back, feel our pain Keith!

Rolling Potato

Welcome to the world of females. Where pain is all day every day

Available Haystacks

As a person who wears a binder I would love (I mean LOVE) to see the try guys wear a binder for a day. Just understand that they do restrict your breathing!!! And do research before you buy/start using one

Mister Wiakers

"Good morning beutiful"
Lol the way he said it

Calista Siobhan Francia San Diego

ned: i know my wife’s boobs really well
also ned: also my sister’s

Della and Leila DIY's and other stuff

I'm twelve and taking a bra off is still the best feeling ever.

Emilia Bowden

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahgahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Welcome to the world of PAIN.

Frisbee 'n' Cookies

What are these women going on about because I have no idea about most of these struggles.
I'm a woman so yes I can legitimately question this.🤔

Dishonored King

You have large boobs...

Yeah not awkward or creepy at all...

Ella The Cow

Zac literally looks like a mom when they were at the gym

Tiffany Doyle

Keith: Zach stop
Zach: stares down Keith as he swings
Keith: Zach stop, you’re gonna get in trouble
Ned: Zach

I give up on life

Shoutout to the big boobed women (including myself) that go through this stuff everyday

Kate Rose

I used to hate my tiny boobs but I’m so glad I have them😂

Sylvia Ramone

i wonder if they really slept in the same bed

i hope so

Jordan Ruffin

We’re gonna try exercising, normal chores and the usual stuff when do they exercise