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Justin Braun
I've got 8 machines on a soda route I run. I like what you said about commissions. Of my 8 sites, 4 of them receive a 10% of sales commission. I put the caveat in our contract that the machine must do at least $100 per month in sales to qualify, so if the site isn't good, I don't pay. I had a site with a new manager try to get me to raise my commission to 50%. I told her if she could find someone that would give her that, she should use them. But I wasn't that person.… Read more »
Conor McCormack

What’s the minimum amount of machines before you register for a small business?

Jonah Perras

What's up how much money was all your vending machines

rosy rosie

I had no idea you had so many locations... that's awesome... how many collections or restocks do you plan out for a day?

Orlando Macedo

Thank you for the video, always worth watching

Brandon B.

Working on the 3rd location right now ! This is all inspiration and great learning advice man 👍🏼 I thank you !✅👍🏼

James Alarie

Please discuss thoroughly how you approach a business to put a machine in their facility. What questions do you ask? I assume you ask an employee to speak with a manager/owner. How do you know where to put the machine in the building? Once they agree to let you put a machine in, do you put your phone number on the machine and tell them to call you the first time or two when the machine is low? Plenty more questions I have, just please discuss getting new locations.

Good Golly, Miss Lolly

I’m in Australia and am not sure if it would be as viable in my country as it is in yours, but I’m certain there’s so much I could learn from your videos to help me decide whether or not to pursue this. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, Mark x

The Mercado Channel

This is a great video mark a lot of knowledge here in this one. Hope all goes well with the full line and bulk candy as well brother 🙏🏾💯🔥👍🏾


Is this worth pursuing in a country that rarely uses cash?

E Brown

Great video. Great job adding to knowledge instead of just collection videos. Keep it up!

JP Vending

Hey Mark would you mind checking out my vending machine channel I am 13 and have 8 u turns out on locations

Dylan Fischer Nesbitt

I just started towards the end of March and landed 12 locations my first month.


Darn, I thought this was a get rich quick business.

Tyler Prinzo

What size Gumballs do you use and why? Also what candies should I be putting in my machines? I was thinking m&ms skittles and gumballs but should I try using mike and Ike’s and jelly beans as well?

Tyler Prinzo

What locations do you notice the biggest return from? Im looking for more ideas on good places for candy machines. Hotels, restaurants, pizza shops, childrens haircut what else would you suggest?

David Liu

Thank you soo much for posting this video! I've learned soo much in 17minutes from your video than I would from maybe months! Keep up the good work!!!


Great and useful vids mate, greetings from Russia ✌🏻

BK Vending & Flipping

Nice input Mark, If you get a chance, I did take that free machine and did a video on it on my channel. I spoke to you about it on your last live stream. thanks

The Food Review Guy

Hey dude quick question, with the amount of quarters you get per month from the machines, how many is that in silver quarters?

Chris C.

I can't read my own handwriting. ... Let's go to number 9. LMMFAO. I love it. Lots of great info and tips. 👍👍💯💯

jim eff

This is a quality channel and you actually seem like a straight,quality dude. I hope anyone trying to mess with you in the comments feels as dumb as i quickly did, Ive been showing you to everyone I know, know that they all have great comments to pass onto you and all laugh at me for trying to fuck with you at first lol. Sorry if this spammed your comment section. Please keep up the vids, wishing you great success, honestly.