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Loads of good historical information. When are we going to see, Part 2 on quill pens? Can't wait to see the folowup video on historical writing pens.


That would be a cool thing to sell at a farmer's market. Gonna have to give it a try sometime.

Michael Engstrom

I cut and cure my own quills as well! Particularly for calligraphic purposes. But now that I use a quill primarily for my calligraphy exploits, I often wonder why we still don’t use them. They’re extremely comfortable, very smooth, and very sleek and beautiful. Great video! This is gonna be an awesome series!

Josh McCormick

I live in Goodlettsville TN how crazy I would have never known thank you.


been there it is a nice living history center

Paul C

I thought the idea of keeping the quill longer was to improve the balance of the pen in your hand to help make your writing more natural and fluid.


The ring came off mu pudding can ,,,, Use my PEN KNIFE my good man!

That Guy with the Blueberry Pie

Is it just me or does he look like Ted Cruz

Dutch Courage

Mostly happy now knowing about the aging, i always assumed you just took the feather and cut it to shape 'et presto' pen ... so i would have been pretty dang surprised to end up with something that doesn't work as expected, without any means to figure out why ... tnx a whole bunch !

Darski Cutler

thank you for this. I have more respect for the characters in my books now when they casually mention fixing a pen to write.

michael hester

No one called the little knives a "pen knife"?

William Ramos

Why didn't you show how to dunk the quill in ink and tell how the ink is absorbed? Also, the angle in which to write to avoid too much or too little ink getting onto the paper paper. Too much information still required.

Sylvia Hacker

Two handsome men presenting a great history video, who could ask for more!
Love that style of coat.

Barbara Rickman

"the hard way". Writing is now "hard?" What a travesty! Retain writing! What will we do if we lose the computer? Will no one know how to communicate?

Margie Masih

I have some quill pens and onion skin paper. I love writing with those.

Noomwa Lis

Wow. A lot of waiting before one can even start...

Hamm 603

You add illustrations for the split and your cuts we will be able to see what results are being wanted. Great video, just need to define the results needed.

Sophia Neilsson

I enjoyed doing this as a child; I've always used seagull feathers as I live on the coast, and common shags are good too 🙂


Interesting topic but one of the worst camera work. To far away, no useful closeups at all and we dont see, how the final feather is writing.

Kiz Momma

Wow! I loved this. Thank you for this video. I love learning about all of this

Bob Thomas

Writing, especially with a quill, made you slow down and really think about what you were committing to paper.

Helene L

I tried to turn a sea gull's pen into a quill pen years ago — and had no luck. Now I understand why, although I think I'd have to go through several dozen flocks of bird feathers to produce a pen. Obviously this was a skill taught to children.

Pixie Pianoplayer

Such handsome clothing and penmanship...or should I say * quillmanship*?
Regardless, very classy gents. Thank you so much.

josh major

I guess I'll find a real tutorial later Lol Thanks tho!!

josh major

Am I the ONLY person who came to watch this be done yet you can't really see anything???

m k

cool, something I never really thought about
now where is the INK video

Dutch OPWW

He has a striking resemblance to young Robert DeNiro


Interesting side note: In German, the nib of a fountain pen is still called the "Feder" to this day, which means "feather" and is also the word used to describe a quill.