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Rescue & Restore

This is your best video yet. That thing was rough. You did a great job. I use Nu Finish on my car, it’s good stuff.

Кошмар Кошмар

Hi bro 👋👋👋very good restoration 👍👍👍and video cool 🤝🤝🤝

Joel Baker

Great job tim it went from shit to dimonds


Wow! You did a very good job! Replace the 25 ₵ sticker. It gives the machine an extra charm!

Lucas Stiles

I feel like whoever owned that machine put it in his mancave and filled it with groovy stuff.

Murray Wagnon

Was this an earlier restoration? Your blaster looks brand new, and no powder coating.

Barb Chester

Wow, I had the dice and the mini lighter from a toy machine back in the 50's. Nice job!

Donald Swink

Beautiful restoration, you should put that on a stand. Really nice job.

R Da

The two dogs were called "Magnetic Scotties" (variously named; extant as early as the 1930s). That "Beats me" is the (to be glued on) base of one of them, a magnet.

Frederic Lynes
Awesome restoration! There are two things, one of which has absolutely nothing to do with the restoration, and the other sort of. I hope #1 doesn't come off as me being a dick, because that's not the intent at all:1) Your flag...when hung vertically, the Union (stars) should be to the viewer's top left. 21 years in the Army tends to reinforce flag hanging protocol.2) I've been wanting to go to HF and pick up a blaster like yours, but I'm on the fence now...it seemed like yours was struggling to get the job done...optical illusion or is your compressor… Read more »
Iain Botham

Phew, all that rust. Wasn't one of the lugs of one of the perspex parts broken off? Maybe I didn't see it properly. Great job, though

Papi Uuhmelmehahay

Those "toys" weren't much fun! I got the lighter when I was a kid, and it did work if you added lighter fluid. But it got so hot you had to drop it or blow it out pretty quickly.

Howard Kennedy

Great job on the vending machine, the toys were a pleasant extra, well I think so, keep up the great work.