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Lewis Wilson

Me and Florence have the same fridges 😂


Great video! Will be looking forward to watching videos of the machines! My Miele also has automatic which is 40° so I would think it would be the same on Brandon’s Miele 🙂

callum disdale

i would like to make a shoutout to callum disdale because he loves washing machines

Toji George

The suspense was highly unnecessary 😂😂. We all knew last month that you would be visiting brandon anyway 😂😂. But i'm glad your finally there and can finally film some of his beauty's barring the extremely annoying circumstances of the bloody 9530 😠😠😠😠😠

washing machine

I think I know what his myself machine is

morgan leatherland

It’s me Morgan Leatherland I’ve been commenting quite a bit because I’m sad because it’s broke

Ignas V.

where the Hotpoint 953O was put? i mean what was that place where the Hotpoint 953O is ?