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priti Barma Jaiswal

sir app ne ac chalaya par mera room thanda nahi huva h

Ravindhar Bandari

Excellent explanation ...thanks bro for honest review

Shakir Shaikh

Bhai Ac bahr ka hwa nhi leta hi rumka hi hwa leta hi ...or coulig krta hi ...rm temprejr...pe kam ...

Sanjib Das
I provide AC on rent in kolkata for more then 25 years. I have few of these portable AC's. I do rent out these portable ones for bride facial make ups only where the thrown cold air from the vent does serves the purpose but all other poor factors are ignored. Not at all good to use for room cooling because of its a poor technology, it sucks a large volume of cold air from the room myself and throws to condenser and the refrigerent condesation takes place.Therefore the process takes a longer period to cool the room.Results a hike… Read more »
Soma Electricals

Portable AC's R Not successful to use in home it sucks inside cold air throws to condenser. so half of the room cooling goes out to cool condenser, and noisy ... it is good for outdoor functions/meeting etc. As a Air cooler

Ronak Yoga

worst product !! & he reviews it report his channel !!!

Supratim Roy

No ac sucks air from outside. Go and see the top of your split ac system. It sucks the inside air from there and sends to the condenser outside.

Ajay Kumar Rai

Even I felt cool & nice when he felt.

That stretchable Padora pipe. Made nice sound.

Ajay Kumar Rai

Kya tin patra lakde ke zopadpatti room thanda hoga?

mahesh singh Verma

सर् आपने बहुत अच्छा वीडियो बनाया धन्यवाद और हा एक बात और जो मेने नोटिस की सर् आप थोड़े पतले हो जाओ तो बिल्कुल अजय देवगन जैसे लगोगे 👌👌👍👍👍👍👍