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Simone Martini

May she rest in peace. 12 minutes to fill? Rediculus


I feel sorry for the customer because whatever she bought, that washer will not compare to the quality and longevity that this washer has.

Darren Keck

That is a Power Fin AGITATOR .
With flexible vanes at the bottom .
With a fabric softener dispenser & lint filter. You can add detergent in the middle of the agitator which can mix it nicely without detergent burn. Lint filter and cup needs cleaning .😊✌🔘


Wow! The rare neutral drain Maytag. LOL!

Tyler DeLair

This is meager washer do you maytag washer with buzzer?


usual leaks on these machines were the siphon break when filling.this is around a 1984-85 model.a machine that was built very well.

pat cola

I've always liked the simplicity of the power fin agitator. Just a basic no nonsense washer meant to clean grimy clothes. The ball hinges were way ahead of anyone else. Maytag had some very good engineers. Built in farm country.

Ernesto Hernandez

Yo tengo 2 lavadoras exactamente iguales
Maytag . con una tengo 20 años y la otra tengo 3 años las cuido mucho son un tesoro
I Love Maytag

Jerome Davis

Who knew maytag adopted the neutral drain?

Donald Helgeson

Why wouldn’t you take the front off to see where it’s leaking? The belts are wet, may need replacing. This machine beats the crap out of what they are making now

shaun kanary

I think it's from the early 80s or late 70s. Some one correct me if i'm wrong.


unless it has already been taken away can you pack it up and send it to me via UPS Freight?

Western Massachusetts Elevators

I hope this vintage Maytag Washing Machine can get refurbished.


A 35 year old machine that dayum quiet. It makes you so sad to think of how much America has moved away from this kind of pride. A time when you didn't need a warranty or a therapist. People took pride in what they built and poor people had a chance a nice things. That dayum Maytag has a right to not spin and leak after 35 years

Ashley Jenkins

Why the hell do you want to scrap that machine its still got at least a decade of not more of life left in it. We have one just like it and its built like a tank. Fix the leak and sell it give the opportunity for a family who cant affort a new washer to get a good used one. Damn you appliance guys DAMN YOU!!!!