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Sally Johnson

We have these at our apartment, they work well & quick 🙂

crystal k

Love that 7 warranty , I'm tired of getting washers/dryers that keep breaking 🙁

Halsey R

Those machines look better than the stupid LG "Smart" machines we have.

Arlene Rodriguez

Love your outfit Rebecca, that red POPS gurl! ❤️

petunas flowers

omg i love your backyard! so spacious!

Wine o' clock

Yes doing laundry is like therapy for me lol

Cmanof the woods centralUS

Your absolutely right bought ours about 4 years ago and with the agitator it cleans you clothes right. You can adjust the water to what you want. Price well yes it cost a bit more but it pays for itself in the end. Well worth the investment for sure. Glad you have breached this subject. Thanks for sharing your video with us.

MBZ . Megan

My first washer & dryer at my own place was speed queen!


I have a family of 6, which also means a ton of laundry 😳 faster is better !

Mrs. Golden Gal

I love Speed Queen! they've always worked so great for me 💛

Noodles 1980

Rebecca, complicated laundry? No thanks. I will be purchasing a speed Queen ASAP!!!! Haha fun👋

Richard Sorel

Rebecca I know you're in a relationship but please cheat on him with me please please please!

Byron Chandler

Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your cloth washing tips really work. You are a very nice and supportive lady who makes me laugh and smile. What would you do if were to get your own magazine? Take care of yourself, cutie pie. <3

Dustin Burgess

Also, the TR3 has a 3 year warrenty, the TR5 has a 5 year warrenty, and the TR7 which you have is the only ones with a 7 year bumper to bumper warrenty. Did I mention that you put laundry detergent in the softener despeser which means the soap isn't going to go into the wash.

Dustin Burgess

You put laundry detergent in the softener holder, and didn't say a lot about how they work/how well the clean. Not sure you knew what you were doing.

Sock Owe

Back to simple basics. 🥳Finally!! Having a durable washer/dryer with the same commercial strength of professional laundry mat machines is where it’s at. You know that’ll last a long while without maintenance. 👍🏻


Kitty Club!

Meow, I got lots O cat hair on my clothes

Stephanie Reins

Ah come do my laundry Rebecca, I could use the help!


A Queen for a Queen! Now I have to tell you this for your safety that the dryer vent that you are using is not approved for a gas dyer. Please get one that it says approved for a gas dyer. Sorry! Not all vents are equal. :- ( I can watch you put soap in the wrong place all day long! MLB!  B I n g!-----B I n g!---------B I n g! 🙂 THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS!

the Gonz

I will now look at this brand next time in the market.👍

John Gates

One day I'm watching you make nummy recipes, The next day Im watching you do a spill on Washers and Dryers! ... Your quite versatile Rebecca!