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Danski Barnes

Leave washer door ajar after use...ventilation

Serene Wang

Such an efficient way! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

hardy hardy

at last this is the only one that really works
many thanks
thank you very very much


you don't mix the bleach with water, I think it is too strong and might damage the seal, hope someone could correct me, cuz I can't wait to try it out, thx.

edge 130
Thank you so much for this very effective method! It really works. It has removed 99% of mold!I used a similar toilet bowl gel cleaner, but instead of the makeup pads, my wife suggested cut up strips of an old towel. She cut the strips about 3-4" wide. I placed the rag strips in a small plastic pail, squeezed a lot of the cleaner to saturate the rags and worked the cleaner in with my gloved hand. I placed the well saturated rags all around the door seal, in the folds. I left the rags in for over an hour,… Read more »
edge 130

Just wanted to add that after I removed the rags, I used paper towels , with water, to wipe off the door seal and then performed a drum sanitize cycle.What a difference!!!My door seal looked a little worse than the one in the video before I started.Virtually all the mold was gone, except for a small area that I think must be a stain in the door seal.By far the most effective method to clean moldy door seals!!!Thanks again!!!

Johana Cadena

I done it today. And it works wonders. Thanks. The only downside is that the bleach smells lots. I ran a clean cycle but with cold water cos I can't connect it to a hot one. Any idea how to get rid of the bleach smell?


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A BIG THANK YOU to you!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I recently moved house and discovered the horrible condition of the washing machine after a couple of washes when my clothes smelled awful after wash. I frantically looked on YouTube how about to get rid of it. Looked through a few and found your video and instructions to be relevant and reliable as well. I did it this morning, placed both cotton pads and strips of cloth soaking in mould removal spray. After about 45 mins I checked and the dark stains still glared back at me. Defeated a bit, I rubbed the… Read more »
Chris Balanda

When load is finished dry the rubber leave door open to air

Chris Balanda

Sometimes I clean the drawer and filter down the bottom panel come off access the pump be careful water come out have a tray
Don't over tight the filter strip it a boil wash 90 degrees when finished leave door open dry rubber seal


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Works very well,removed all mould

yanjelrs zhoun

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