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Never seen one of these with digital controls. Interesting!


When will your machines come back, please?

Reece isaaks

It is I live not to far from Southend on sea

Washer & dishwasher

Efficiency must be great on these and wash results are brilliant. I remember using one when I was 12 and it impressed me. I was washing at the time everybody's duvet and pillow cases. I used daz and lenor mystery's fabric softener.

Reece isaaks

I love going there my Nan has lived in her house she lives in now for about 37 years and my grandad lives in a flat in Wembley

Reece isaaks

It takes me about and hour to get there I live in Essex

Reece isaaks

Fantastic upload I’ve watched your videos since you have been around and they are so entertaining and great to watch keep up the superb work my Nan and some of my family live about 20 minutes away from that launderette in a place called Harrow


Very nice 👍
I haven’t seen one of these (10KG) ones before, but seems to do an ok job. Sounds like it has the same motor as the 7.5KG’s!
Thanks for uploading 😉


Enjoy Brighton Brandon, that’s a place I’ve really wanted to go to for years! I believe on the front near the carousel themed bar is a old penny arcade hidden next to it! That’s where you’ll find some good old machines like the terrifying sailor that laughs!

Met Product33061

I’ll upload something similar to this video

Thomas Webster

Nice video Brandon You always impress me!