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Thank you for sharing these amazing tips. Love your videos❤

B Lee

Would have been nice to see before and after cleaning to see how effective your homemade solution is. I would not try this without some proof.

Halsey Marcoux

Outstanding explanation, and easy to follow directions! Nicely done,

Christina B.

Here’s a video request because I see you guys with dr. Phil and I wonder why haven’t heard about the episode... not from his YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter ect. And I know that you guys talk about money.


Are your children still home? How did you paid for college?

Wheres Sharr

Thank you thank you! I used your solution and it turned out GREAT! My carpet looks SO much better and smells GREAT.

digillie mama

Bought all the stuff at dollar tree. My son just shampooed his carpet and it worked great! Thank you so much what a money saver 👍🏼😃


Do you put this straight into the vacuum or do you dilute the solution with water inside the vacuum water bucket?


Will this work in a carpet cleaning machine--that is not a rug doctor. Would love to try this -thanks.

melissa peppers

Thank you so much for posting this! I’m renting a Rug Doctor tomorrow morning and I was really dreading paying $10+ for a bottle of cleaner. Love all your videos, keep ‘em coming 😇

Zandra Crisp

Love your videos nice job I'll be cleaning my rugs this week

Tammy Baker

Great tip, thanks. I've got a carpet that desperately needs this. I love your videos and books. I have learned so much from you both and because I've put into practice so many of your tips, I've saved us so much money. You are right, it becomes a fun game and like a treasure hunt.

Desmond Chow

Is there any substitute for the La total awesome cleaning solution? I live in Australia and they don’t sell it.

Kalyan Gondrala

The branded carpet cleaning liquids are so expensive. Thanks for sharing the video...we are going to try it out today.

Rick Pazmino

Love the video and just mixed up some solution with said dollar store products to try as well. I’ll be using this stuff with a Bissell big green machine, which is a single pre-mix solution tank style unit. My question is...when you use this solution, do you go over your previously cleaned areas with a rinse pass of some sort? Thanks again.

Gary J

thanks I had the same experience ais digillie mama worked well thanks.

Avery Aries

Just used this! It really works, thank you so much for sharing this! You saved me lots of money!


Great one!! Found this video straight off Google search. Now, as I am from the UK, I will just have to find the equivalent UK cleaning brands from my local Pound Shop! 😁

David Arndt

I’d add some bleach to that
It does wonders even on colored carpet

Dennis Zdroik

We tried your carpet cleaning receipe in our Hoover Shampooer. Our Dollar Tree did not have the liquid Awesome orange so we bought the powder — hope that is ok — used the same amount as the liquid. Do your carpets feel soapy at all?

Hannah Truesdale

Im totally gonna do this thank youuuu!

Ken Hoying

I used to clean carpets commercially and one of our sales pitches was we did not use any detergent which leaves a residue which will clean your shoe soles or feet. We used a softening agent which was very effective then finished off with a spot guard spray. Your formula uses a very small amount of detergent, however.

John Gronberg

My Bissell has a small "solution tank" separate from the clean/dirty tank. Do I put this cleaning solution in the solution tank or the main water tank?


I am literally out of Rug Doctor, and will use this solution when I clean my carpets this week. Thank you so much.