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D Miele Vacuums

I’m not interested in washers but it is a Ibasiac video 👍

elvis polk salad 1974

Are you doing a full demo of the fully automatic compact washing machine


could this THING actually do some serious wash ? 😯 it reminds a lot on that American top loaders and US washing machines are hygienic disaster

Glyn Roberts

This brings back some memories Roger. Thank you. Enjoyed every minute.

Peter i

Will you be taking this on your caravan trips?

Planet Conker

I like that. Will you be using that in your new caravan Roger?

Samsung boy 2008

I was literally about to comment when you were going to do this

Paul Knight
I've been anticipating this video for a while so thanks for uploading. I've got this exact same machine which I picked up secondhand for £50 on Schpock. I use it the same as you with liquid detergent, lights first then darks so I can re-use the wash water ( same way my mom did with her twin tub years ago ) I even add 5 drops of tea tree oil to the wash to kill germs and keep the machine mould free. I'm really impressed with the spinner on this. I laughed when you threw the fill hose as I… Read more »
Abdelkader Elbachir

That spinner is scary !!!! ⊙_⊙


You can get small front load machines such as the Zanussi Compact ZWC1301 3Kg Machines.

Semir M.

The best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hard floor?


Oh the days of the twin tub washer, Loved it, was a lot faster too than the top or front loaders. But agree, the real advantage of other machines is the set and do other work.

Nice video, thank you.

Ana E

Seeing all that makes me grateful for automatic washers, but it's certainly beats nothing.

Mark Phillips

I had one very similar from Betterware but my machine broke within a few weeks of using it I found the spinner broke first so I sent it back to Betterware

tom Taylor

No no no,,!!!!! OMG would you really purchase one over an automatic washing machine,,,?????? Umm ???? No & & how many cloths would or have you stretched in that spinner,????? Takes me back to my grandmothers. Machine no no no get real,,!!!!!!!!


Outstanding and well crafted video Roger. Always a pleasure watching and learning from ibaisaic !

Dylan Piggy Woo doody

Can you not rinse in the spin tub


Great video! Any other appliance videos coming up?

Melanie Spaur

Still a fan of the newest vaccumes and carpet shampooers...thought that was your main reviews. Love you, hate this video:/

Fresh Melon

Hey can you do a video of thorough carpet cleaning with the Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer?

Alexei Pătruț

Hey i have a very old vacuum cleaner a Samsung. It's about 22 years old and i want to sell it i looked for prices for this one but i found nothing it s like inexistent. Can u help me?
P. S. I don t know The model all i know is that it have 1500w

Samsung boy 2008

When it's washing what's that metal knocking noise