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Washerlad 2014

i like how youve gone back to your old camera. It beings back the good times of the first BHF videos

Washer Guy 2002

The LG twin wash is interesting I love the asko. I love asko washing machines

Miele WasherLover

I had the same struggle with opening the LG twinwash lid haha, after 100 times pulling I found out you have to push the lid to open it 🙄😂

Derek Blaney

Oh wow!!! I love going into the shops to have a look at washing machines and dryers too!! But I do love front loaders because I love doing what you do and watch the washing!! I don't think I could stand having a top loader unless I do what you do and stick a key in it for the door to lock but the of the LG washer was it? Or was it Samsung? with the diamond glass I would love that that would be absolutely perfect!! X


I have the LG Toploader with wave force it’s OK


U an i should catch up as ur English an im ozzy i jave 54 machines of Australia

Marco zapata

Nice 80s music, what name song from begin?

HotpointHooverServis Washers, Reviews and more

Lindos are shit

Howard Daley

Hi. What do think of Bosch Professional? Btw, Westinghouse got acquired by Bosch-Siemens GmbH, about ten years ago. I miss the old school Asko with knobs, thier to Star Trek now, I like control over the program.

Howard Daley

Hi. The new Miele w1 twin dose washer, just hit Canada and your not going to believe the price, I'd rather have a 1926 Comfort, or 1930 washer. Thier more like tablet computers Florence, I rather have more control over the wash process. I'm on the search for a Bauknecht 488s, my Aunt had one when I was a child. The older machines washed better than the newer generation. Your pay for quality, and sometimes it's worth it.

Loogi Balloogi

Wait? Did you leave your Washing Machines behind?!