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Lilly Lemon

I love you guys!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Martin Šelc

Hi Jana🤗. Great job🤗❤. That was quick and easy🤗. Have a great weekend🤗❤.

Tanya Nelson

Good job again. Im not sure if I like my machines. Bought them late last year. Maytag front loader and steam dryer. Usually when we move into a new place we get the machine that was left and it was a rusted leaky whirlpool. The washer is not good with spin drying comforters. Do you ever have that issue? Anyway good video. Have a nice weekend.

Choo Lee Ng

Just had my dinner.
Ya I did 2 loads of laundry.
Haha now is 8pm in Singapore.
Weather is hot.
Today your laundry routine is 👍
Soon you will do Fall Deco🍁🍂🎃? 😁

Susana M

Hi 👋 do you iron your clothes? I spent about 3 hours every week ironing my clothes and I don't iron everything... I dry them outside...

فردوس الجنة

كتعطيني الحماس 🤩🤩🤩


Not laundry buddies today ☹️! But hubby's at home every day now so things are kinda switching around. I love watching people fold laundry though, I'm weird but I do. I guess it's creating a neatness out of a pile of messy clothes!?! Have a great weekend sweetie. See you next time 💙

حسين حسين علاء

احب يوم الغسيل. لن بصراحه اكره ترتيب الملابس بعد الغسل ولكنك قد حفزتني جدا لأنك تجعلين الامور ابسط وآني جدا احب ان اشاهدك غرباء ولكن اصدقاء جميل جدا ان تتعرف على ناس من بيئه مختلفة وثقافه مختلفه


We are always laundry buddies, i watch videos on Sat and do my laundry on Sat... You motivate me, keep it up!