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Ignas V.

i was very shocked when I was see your Hotpoint 953O broken and Miele with very dirty inside

Michael Butcher

This is terrible. I can understand your anger. All i'll say is that i hope you can get it fixed

Marc Leslie

Run the Miele through a cotton 95 with pre wash with some Miele citric acid and it should clean up okay. Your bears will probably be best being washed in the Cassata on 50 degrees with biological powder and Dettol laundry cleanser.

Marc Leslie

Again i’m sorry to hear about the 9530. Did you buy the fascia panels from James. I know it’s not a 9530 fascia, but the 9534 one is probably the closest match until you can come across another half decent 9530 fascia. Mould and mildew remover, plus plenty of hot washes, which you always do anyway will sort the door seal out.

morgan leatherland

You wasn’t very happy because you still love this machine even thought the a3060 is your pride and joy and I still love the hotpoint 9530 it’s still my favourite machine they screwed up big time chess moving you don’t put anything heavy on a old washer never mine a new washer

Simone Martini

How long did you kept them closed that mold looks awful

Lewis Wilson

A car body shop could help with the dent hopefully


My heart was racing watching this video because I knew what happened to the 9530, when u unwrapped it and saw her fascia was wrecked I felt so upset for you and totally understood your anger but I’m glad you was trying to stay on the positive side on getting her repaired which you will do! And for the miele after a few boil washes she will clean up and the limescale tablets will brake up the limescale! But I enjoyed watching the other 2 machines being unwrapped and I’m glad the cassata can now be in use!

Mr Jetta985

i love your maschines! Also the hoover. i am from gernany and i got a hoover Electronic 800 from the early 80's. It runns very well, but i need a new door seal. can you please help me?

Racer JA

I've seen what happened to the 9530 it's so upsetting


You have not mentioned your dad returning from Australia. I was expecting him.to jump out at you from one of those packages.

Mielefan 487

Sh..., what happened to the miele and the Hotpoint??😱😱😱😱😱

washing central

Brandon is the metal support inside the machine that holds the timer and buttons ok

matthew gill

@florenceballarda3060 it is a with great sadness we mourn the death of barbara the hotpoint 9530 a truly great washing machine killed by a inconsiderate shipping company loved the hotpoint 9530 great machines those old hotpoints

Met Product33061

You can check the 9530 if all the wires inside are OK and not snapped That could be a way to check if it still works also I wonder what’s that extra package right there you showed at the end in your next video can you reveal it

washing central

Brandon have you managed to get the top panel off of Barbara yet?


It's Fucking disgraceful that a so called "professional" company can do that to a vintage fragile irreplaceable machine if I were you I would go and swear down the phone to the company because it is bullshit that they would be so fucking wreckless with heavy appliances. Absolutely bloody disgraceful and Millie is fucking disgusting


As my english teacher says "You could sue them for that" (sorry I just had to)

Howard Daley

Hi. You should sue the movers, for damages to your belongings.

Ben The Boss Jackson

You want to lodge a damage claim buddy, and id tell them you cant buy her, and its a collectors machine!! shes irreplaceable. and get paid out for her mate, yeah u wont be able to get a facia for her, but maybe we can get the word out, and find out !! i cant believe it 🙁 🙁 hope she still works


Im totally loss of words, that is horrible because you had some amazing memories with Barbara! And i hope those people who had shipped your machines should regret for good!


14:28 That part should be in the silvestr video of 2019! 😀 Would you send a legal action to a shipper? If i was you, i will do it.


Remember the telephone operator isn’t the person that damaged it, don’t give them a bad day, it is not the operators fault.

Make sure you get your point across but don’t be rude.

Tolga Turhan

23:08 that is limescale. After you have installed the Miele put 2 calgon tablets in it and run it empy on 95 degrees. I say 2 calgon tablets because you can hear that is a lot of limescale inside the machine

washing central

Brandon I found a white fascia from a 9534 on ebay it could be a temporary repair for Barbara

washing central

Brandon I have just had the best idea, this idea is
To get a fascia of a similar model as a replacement and then contact a plastics firm to see if you can make a replica of a 9530 fascia

Haydn Jopson

Can’t believe the f***ing broke the 9530

Mathew Jones

Great to see such love for your washers. Unfortunately I’ve just lost mine and hate my new one 😢😢😢.

Haydn Jopson

14:26 9530❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

Chris King

Oh man I’m angry for you, if it was me I’d have a full blown heart attack! Really feel for you!!!! Hopefully you will be able to get her back to her beautiful self again soon!